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If you are a diehard patriot and fan of PAKISTAN, then the PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL has got something very special for country loving like you guys. The name of this top quality product is 3D AZEEM PARCHAM.

The 3D AZEEM PARCHAM, as the name clearly suggests, is the 3D Raised Metal Flagpin of PAKISTAN. The 3D AZEEM PARCHAM is designed from the top quality material. For more convenience and durability; the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM lapel has a total thickness of 5 mm. 

All the users can easily place this 3D AZEEM PARCHAM nearly on all their formal and casual dressings.

The process of placing the order of 3D AZEEM PARCHAM is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to first select your desired product in the cart and then enter your details as Name, Address, Mobile number and so on. After that, we will try our best to furnish your order in the least possible time.

Protocols for Handling and Positioning the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM:

There are some protocols that must be taken into context when using the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM.

  1. The 3D AZEEM PARCHAM should always be placed in the direction mentioned in the picture and its position should never be inverted.
  2. If any user has attached or positioned the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM to his/her shirt, jacket, coat or waistcoat, then he/she must not throw the article carelessly by any means on bed, sofa, floor or washroom where it might fall below its said protocol.
  3. In the case you remove or detached the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM, kept it securely and properly in a protective box and store the box in a clean and high position.
  4. In the event you displayed the National Flag along with the Military, Corporate of Provincial Flags, the position of National Flag must be higher than all of the above mentioned flags and it must not be in lower position or touch the ground or floor by any means or so.
  5. The 3D raised PAKISTAN Flag Lapel pin must not be trampled or set on fire. It must not be positioned in lower direction or buried into a grave.
  6. In the event that you have decided to go to the swimming pool, then first detached and placed the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM Lapel pin on somewhere at safe location.
  7. All the 3D Azeem Parcham users are requested to refrain from using the bad language and words during wearing the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM.

Additional Specifications of the 3D AZEEM PARCHAM:

  1. Highest quality 3D Lapel Pin
  2. First Time in PAKISTAN
  3. Made from top quality material
  4. Features PAKISTAN’s very First 3D Raised Crescent and Star
  5. Designed to use on Coats, Waist Coats, Shirts, Caps and Hats
  6. Sturdy Construction
  7. Portable
  8. Lightweight

Package Contains:


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