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Parwaaz Golden Combo


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Parwaaz Golden Combo:

The Parwaaz Golden Combo is a special patriotic gift for all those customers who are ready to defend this great country till their last drop of blood. This premium quality patriotic combo is presented to you by the PAKDEFENSE.

The Parwaaz Golden Combo, as the name clearly indicates, is a top of the line handpicked collection of two different products which includes the Azeem Parcham 3D Lapel Pin and Shaheen AlQuds Antique Gold Limited Edition 3D Lapel Pin. Both the products are made from the top quality material to ensure the durability and reliability of the products.

The Parwaaz Golden Combo is designed to use with nearly with all types of casual and formal clothing as the Sherwani, Shalwar Qameez, Waist Coat, Pant Coat, Hats, Caps and so on. It means no matter what type of clothing you chose to wear, as the Parwaaz Golden Combo will definitely look stylish on nearly all forms of clothing.

The Parwaaz Golden Combo can easily be ordered just by adding the desired product in the cart and then all the customers will just have to add their personal detail that is required for shipping their desired product. After the customer finished placing the order, our shipping department will try to dispatch the desired product to the customer at their mentioned address without wasting a minute more.

Just purchase the Parwaaz Golden Combo and hunt the filthy raw snakes by taking out from the dirty pits  . . .

Additional Specifications of the Parwaaz Golden Combo:

  1. State of the art Parwaaz Golden Combo
  2. Made from the premium quality material
  3. Consists of Azeem Parcham 3D Lapel Pin and Shaheen AlQuds Antique Golden 3D Lapel Pin
  4. Designed to use with the casual and formal clothing
  5. Reliable
  6. Durable
  7. Easy to use

Package Contains:

1 x Azeem Parcham 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Shaheen AlQuds Antique Golden 3D Lapel Pin

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