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Medal of Honor PVC Patch


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If you love to play Medal of Honor Games in your PC, PS4 or Xbox, then the PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL has come up with a unique product that all the game lovers will definitely find useful. The name of this top quality product is Medal of Honor PVC Patch.

The Medal of Honor PVC Patch, as the name indicates, is a premium grade PVC patch of Medal of Honor Logo that you normally found in the Medal of Honor First Person Shooting (FPS) game. The Medal of Honor PVC Patch is crafted from the finest quality material to ensure the durability of the product, so you don’t have to scratch your head about the quality of the product a bit.

The Medal of Honor PVC Patch also comes with the Velcro backing surface that allows the customer to easily attach and detach the PVC patch from the cloth in seconds. The Medal of Honor PVC Patch is designed to use with nearly all types of casual and formal clothes including the Jackets, Waist Coats, Sweaters, Shirts, Hats, Caps and so on.

If you have made up your mind to purchase this top quality product, then all you have to do is to first select your desired product and then you just have to enter your shipping details and that’s all. Our shipping department will make all the necessary arrangements to deliver your product in the least possible time frame.

Additional Specifications of the Medal of Honor PVC Patch:

  1. Top Quality Medal of Honor PVC Patch
  2. Made from Premium Quality Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) material
  3. Features Velcro Backing surface
  4. Painted in beautiful and vibrant Brown color
  5. Designed to use with almost any type of casual and formal clothes including the hats
  6. Easy to attach
  7. Easy to detach
  8. Durable
  9. Reliable

Package Contains:

1 x Medal of Honor PVC Patch

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