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16 Highly Trained indian Commandos killed in Maoists Freedom Fighter Attack in indian State of Maharashtra:

It seems that the year of 2019 can easily be termed as the year of indian humiliation, as in the fresh incident the Brave Maoists Separatist killed more than 16 highly trained commandos by an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).

indian maoists freedom fighters
indian Maoists Freedom Fighter Soldiers with their Guns and Flag

The Separatist Freedom Fighters blew up the vehicle of the indian forces convoy in the Gadchiroli bordering the Volatile region of Chhattisgarh, killing highly trained more than 16 commandos at the spot of the incident.

The fresh incident came as the Brave Maoists rebels torched more than 20 vehicles of a company involved in constructing the roads in the Kurkheda of Gadricholi district.

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Spot where 16 indian commandos killed like a rabid dog
Spot where 16 indian commandos killed like a rabid dog

All the 16 coward indian commandos died like a dog on the spot. The recent attack was carried out on a day that the state is celebrating its foundation day. On the other hand, the Brave Maoists rebels were in the final preparation of observing the protest for the 40 members of the organization who were cowardly killed by the filthy indian security forces on 22nd Apr, 2018.

In a bid to take revenge for this coward attack, the brave Maoists rebels brutally killed six indian filthy policemen with an IED in a remote forest in part of Eastern india.

It is important to mention that the Maoists Guerilla Freedom Fighters have been on the war with the filthy and coward indian forces for decades. Maoists freedom fighter wanted to free their land from the illegal occupation of filthy indian security forces.

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It is worth to mention that Maoists Freedom Fighters are highly trained Guerillas and they are also very dangerous and because of this region the filthy indian forces not dare to go to this region because of the fear that Maoists would them like a rabid dog. Maoists rebels are also known by other name as the Naxal Rebels or Naxalities.

another look of the spot where 16 highly trained indian commandos bites the dust
Another look of the spot where 16 highly trained indian commandos bites the dust

The recent incident of killing of 16 indian commandos at the hands of rebels that india has lost its writ completely over the entire country and its soldiers are now killing like rabid dogs in the Western Borders by the Brave and Valiant PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES and internally by the Freedom Fighters, Rebels and Insurgent groups that want to free their land from the filth of the indian security forces.

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