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Separatist Movements Of Mizoram Area In Fragile indian Union:

It is an undeniable fact that india is the capital of freedom movements in the world. There are more than 150 different separatist movements and freedom struggles currently active in almost more than 80% of the india. Here, we will highlight some of the prominent freedom struggle going on in the indian Mizoram Area and the freedom fighter demanding the Mizoram area from the rest of the fragile indian union.

indian fragile union
Fragile indian union

Following are some list of some movements active in the indian Mizoram area. All the people of the area are demanding secession of their country from the fragile indian union. Almost 90% india is on the verge of collapse, and the defense analysts are already claiming that the year of 2019-2020 would be the last year of fragile indian union.

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Mizoram area
Mizoram area of Fragile indian union

Separatist Movements in Mizoram Area:

Following are the separatist movements active in the Mizoram Area. The brave freedom fighters are also demanding succession of Mizoram from the fragile indian union.

  1. Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF):

The Bru National Liberation Front (BNLF) is another armed insurgent group of the Reangs and they wanted to create the independent Mizoram State. This group wants to protect the dignity and rights of the Reangs tribe. This group has also called hundreds of indian security personnel in the area.

  1. Hmar People Convention Democracy (HPC – D):

The Hmar People Convention Democracy (HPC – D) is another separatist group wants the secession of Mizoram from the fragile indian union. They want to make Mizoram an independent state Hmar State consisting of the Manipur, Mizoram, Assam.

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