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indian air force MiG 29 Fighter Aircraft Crashes In Hoshiarpur District In indian punjab:

Another dark day in the gloomy history of indian air force as another indian air force MiG 29 fighter aircraft crashes in indian Punjab Hoshiarpur district due to some unknown ‘Technical Failure’.

indian mig 21 Aircraft Crashed in Hoshiarpur
indian mig 21 Aircraft Crashed in Hoshiarpur district in indian punjab ind

According to the details released by the indian air force, the aircraft was on the routine training machine, when it met with the unknown technical failure. The indian air force fighter aircraft MiG 29 hits the ground and turns to burnt to ashes in minutes.

The indian air force MiG 29 Aircraft took off from the Adampur Air Base in Jalandhar and it crashed around fields of Hoshiarpur district around 10:40 am.

A spokesman of the indian defense ministry said, “On 08 May, at 10:45, one Mig-29 aircraft airborne on a training mission from an Air Force base near Jalandhar met with an accident. The aircraft had developed a technical snag and the pilot ejected safely as he was unable to control the aircraft. The pilot has been rescued by a helicopter. A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to investigate the cause of accident.”

The indian air force has said that the real cause of the crash is still unknown. The indian air force has also ordered the board of inquiry to ascertain the real cause behind the incident, another routine rhetoric of indian armed forces.

It is worth mentioning that it is the routine rhetoric of the indian air force to deliberately name the technical snug as the real cause of the accident just to hide their incompetence. The indian air force has lost nearly 3 dozen of fighter aircraft in the past 12 months.

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indian MiG29K Crashed near Goa

The spree of crashing by the indian air force has ignited by the worldwide humiliation of india by the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE on the eve of the 27th February Surprise Day. Since then, the indian air force has crashed nearly all the types of aircraft they have got in their arsenal.

27th Feb Surprise Day
Tails of indian air force SU-30MKI and MiG-21 Placed on the monument by PAKISTAN AIR FORCE

Top Defense Analysts believed that indian air force has done master in the art of crashing. If someone will give them Lunar to fly, then the incompetent indian air force pilots will also make it crash in a few days and that’s for sure.

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