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More Humiliations For indian forces As Another indian MIG 29K Aircraft Crashed In Goa:

The coward indian forces embraced more humiliations as another indian MIG 29K Aircraft crashed near Goa on Saturday. Reportedly, both the pilots of the ill-fated aircraft manage to save their lives. By the way all the aircraft of india are or will be ill-fated in the coming days, as the indian air force named itself the world’s dumbest and filthiest air force experiencing in crashing nearly 20 different aircrafts in the past 9 months alone.

indian MIG 29K Crashed
indian MIG 29K Crashed

The indian MIG-29K is designed to deploy on the aircraft carrier and it has some upgradations than its brother MIG 29. The ill-fated aircraft which crashed by the indian pilot was deployed at the hansa dabolim naval station and deputed for aircraft carrier vikramaditya.

According to the indian spokesperson, the aircraft was on a routine mission, when this incident happens due to some technical faults. Reportedly, both the indian pilots were crying at the scene.

It is important to mention that the vikramitya is the same indian aircraft carrier which was burnt by its own commander at the dockyard several months back. Reportedly, the aircraft carrier was stationed at the dockyard, when the indian naval commander wants to perform some heroic deeds.

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As a result, the fire broke out in the aircraft and the indian naval commander burnt alive in the accident. It takes 4-6 months by the technicians to repair the damaged aircraft.

indian MiG29K Crashed near Goa
indian MiG29K Crashed near Goa

It is worth mentioning that the indian air forces has already been humiliated by the crashing of MiG-21 Aircraft near the Gwalior base soon after its take off. It seems the indian security forces have mastered the art of crashing near every type of aircraft you gave to them.

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Mig-21 is the same aircraft, which was also shot down by the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE on the eve of the indian humiliation day on 27th February. This aircraft was flown by the indian commander ABHI NONE DONE, who was captured alive and was presented to indians after sipping the “FANTASTIC TEA”. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE shot down 2 indian aircrafts on that day, including the SU30MKI, which indian are still denying this fact shamelessly.

The indian air force pilots have crashed more than 20 aircrafts alone in the past 9 months, including the MiG-21, Jaguar, AN-21, SU30MKI and so on. Top Defense Analysts are saying that indian forces are the filthiest scumbag of this earth and if we gave them a Lunar to Fly, then they will also crashed in some months and that’s for sure.

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