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PAKISTAN Denies indian president To Use Its Airspace:

In a new chapter of indian humiliation, PAKISTAN has declined the request of indian president to use PAKISTANI Airspace.

PAKISTAN Banned Airspace for india
PAKISTAN Banned Airspace for india

The indian president was going to some European countries and the safest and easiest route passes by PAKISTANI Airspace, when this episode of utter humiliation occurs.

PAKISTAN has said that it usually gave access to indian flights, but restricts this time due to the illegal and inhumane behavior of coward indian government.

The latest episode of indian humiliation comes at a time when the tensions between the nuclear armed PAKISTAN and indian are at its due peak due to the unlawful indian move to illegally annex the territory of indian occupied Kashmir by removing Artile 370.  

PAKISTAN has taken several steps against the illegal and inhumane act of coward indian forces in the indian occupied Kashmir. PAKISTAN has downgraded the diplomatic channels with india and it has also suspended all the road and rail links with the terrorist country india.

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The coward and humiliated india, on the other hand, faces the harsh criticism from different countries of the world for its illegal acts in indian occupied Kashmir and the humiliation of india for its acts in indian occupied Kashmir haven’t stopped yet.

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