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PAKISTAN Installs 9 High-Tech and Sophisticated Radar System At Different Strategic Airports:

In a recent development in South Asia, PAKISTAN has installed the sophisticated, High-Tech and state of the art Radar Systems at different airports. The latest move of PAKISTAN comes at a moment when the tensions between PAKISTAN and its arch rival india is at its peak.

High-Tech Radar Systems
High-Tech Radar Systems

The radars have installed to safeguard the country’s wide airspace from incoming airborne threats. All the state-of-the-art radars have the ability to detect, identify and locate an incoming aircraft from a wide range.

PAKISTAN has installed the 9 state of the art Radar system in different cities as Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore, New Islamabad Airport and Jinnah Terminal Karachi.

Furthermore, PAKISTAN has also placed radars at strategically important locations in Rojhan, Lakpass and Pasni area of Balochistan.  All of these cities have great strategic importance and they are located at very strategic locations.

With the installation of these Radars, now PAKISTAN has the ability to detect and identify all the incoming airborne targets from a wide range. It will also allow the PAKISTANI Defense Authorities to make the necessary arrangements in a short span of time, if needed so.

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All the radar systems are fully compatible with the Central Air Traffic Management System. Now, three Airports of PAKISTAN have the ability of primary surveillance, while 6 Airports have the ability of secondary surveillance.

The Radars were made in Span and Czech Republic, which are known for their hi-Tech services in different domains.

The installation of the 9 radar systems will not only help to safeguard the airspace of PAKISTAN, but they will also indicate about the incoming airborne threats coming towards PAKISTANI airspace.

The installation of the Radar Systems at this crucial time will help the Civil Aviation Authority to have a better and deep look at the airspace security, which was the basic need of this crucial time of tension between the two nuclear-armed countries. Nevertheless, it is a good step of PAKISTAN, which was the need of the hour.

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