indian tejas fighter Joins the Party of Dropping the Fuel Tanks over Population:

The Calendar Year of 2019 is the year Utter Humiliation for all the filthy indians, especially the coward indian air force. The coward and incompetent indian air force is experiencing unusual humiliation right from the start of the year. In a recent development, the filthy and ayurvedic tejas fighter accidentally dropped the fuel tank during a routine training mission near Coimbatore.

filthy indian tejas dropped fuel tanks over population
Debri of the fuel tank ‘accidentally’ dropped by the filthy indian tejas

The recent incident happen 2nd July Tuesday Morning, which ‘accidently’ dropped the fuel tanks over a farmland near Coimbatore. The dropping of the fuel tank over farmland led to the globe of fire on the farmland. The latest incident is the second incident in the past week, as indian jaguar fighter also ‘accidentally’ dropped fuel tank and weapon load in the urban area during taking off.

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More sigh of relief for coward and incompetents, as the Heroic tejas fighter which ‘accidentally’ dropped fuel tanks manage to return and land safely at Sulur base. In order to add more music to the drama, the coward and incompetent indian air force also ordered the investigation into the incident, which would never seem to be completed in the current or next century.

As a whole, this is a third unplanned incident of fuel tank dropping from an indian fighter jet alone in a month. Previously, a filthy indian MiG 29K fighter also dropped the fuel tank ‘accidentally’ on the runway of goa airport, causing huge fire and flight disruptions. 

On the other hand, the same incident happens in Haryana as the indian jaguar fighter aircraft ‘accidentally’ dropped bombs and fuel tanks on the population before landing safely at the airport.

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The coward and incompetent indian air force is set to fire by PAKISTAN’s act of shooting down and capturing the indian monkey pilot named Abhinandan. Since then, the  indian air force has lost over 13 fighter jets alone in the past 6 months. Top defense analysts are saying that if indian manages to maintain this jet crashing ratio, then the whole indian would be deprived of all fighter jets in the mid of the coming year or so.

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