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PAKISTAN and CHINA Working On Matching JF-17 Block III With Latest US F-16V Fighter Jet:

In a recent development in the Subcontinent, PAKISTAN and China are collaborating on designing and manufacturing the Block III of PAKISTAN’s Pride JF-17 Thunder to match and compete with the latest version of the US F-16 V Aircraft. It is important to note that the US latest F-16V has witnessed huge boosts in sales success in very short span of time.

JF 17 Thunder Main feature Image in Skardu

The JF-17 Thunder is basically an Attack Fighter Jointly Developed by the PAKISTAN and CHINA. The JF-17 Thunder is an indigenous aircraft of PAKISTAN with the Technology supplied by the China’s Chengdu Aircraft Company.

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The Block III Version of the JF-17 Thunder which has been in development for over 2 years, now features the latest and cutting-edge gears as the Helmet Mounted Targeting System, Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar, Beyond Visual Range Weapons and High Advanced Data Links.

PAKISTAN and CHINA are both working hard to attract countries that don’t have enough budget for defense, but wanted to procure new inventory in their arsenal.

The development of the JF-17 Thunder Aircrafts with the recent advancements is already underway. One of the distinctive features of the JF-17 Thunder Block-III aircraft is that it will house the same features of latest American F-16V Fighter Jet, but the price of this state of the art fighter aircraft of PAKISTAN would be less than the half price of the F-16V jet.

Among other Countries, Malaysia has shortlisted the PAKISTAN-Chinese Joint Strike Aircraft for its Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Program.

Previously, PAKISTAN’s Pride JF-17 Thunder competes against the Ayurvedic indian Tejas and South Korean F-50 and wins the contract. Malaysia has previously purchased the 12 Units of the said aircraft and it is now looking to purchase for additional upgraded 24 Units in the future for its Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Procurement Program.

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