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PAKISTAN ARMY Eyes Buying 600 Main Battle Tanks:

In a recent development in the Subcontinent, PAKISTAN ARMY is eyeing for the purchase of nearly 600 state of the art modern Main Battle Tanks (MBT), including the cutting-edge Russians T-90 Main Battle Tanks from PAKISTAN’s new Friend Russia.


Most of the Main Battle Tanks PAKISTAN ARMY planning to procure are likely to equipped with the advanced features as the enhanced targeting range up to 3-4 Kilometers and computerized fire control system for pinpoint accuracy.

Among the figure of 600 Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s), PAKISTAN ARMY has also selected the Chinese State of the Art VT-4 Main Battle Tank and PAKISTAN is in the process of ordering 100 of such tanks from its Iron Brother and All-weather Ally, CHINA.

The Add-ons include a new GL5 Active Protection System (APS) which helps to protect the tank from incoming anti-tank missiles and rockets.

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In addition to that, PAKISTAN ARMY is also manufacturing its own version of Al-Khalid-II Main Battle Tank with advanced features and enhanced capabilities than the Al-Khalid-I MBT. 

The Chinese Latest VT-4 MBT has a maximum speed up to 70 Kilometers per hours with a maximum cross-country speed of 50 Kilometers per hour. Additionally, the VT-4 MBT is packed with the 1200 HP Chinese made Diesel-Fuelled Engine.

Apart from the CHINESE VT-4 MBT, PAKISTAN ARMY is looking to induct the Ukrainian Oplot-P and Oplot-M Main Battle Tanks (MBT). Apart from Ukrainian Oplot-Series Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s), PAKISTAN ARMY is also looking to explore other opportunities and possibilities to induct the Russian Advanced T-90 Main Battle Tank (MBT) in its fleet.

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