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More Than 18 indian Sailors Burnt Alive As Fire Erupted In Submarine At Mumbai Dockyard:

The terrorist indians brace another utter humiliation and this time it’s the indian navy’s turn. In a recent development, fire erupted at the parked indian submarine at the mumbai dockyard and causes critical damage to the different components of the Submarine. Moreover, the indian submarine also consists of 18 sailors which were burnt alive in the fire.

16 filthy indian sailors burnt alive in filthy indian submarine fire
16 indian sailors burnt alive in indian submarine fire

The indian INS Sindhukesari Submarine, which was just upgraded for massive Rs. 1,197 crores by Russia and delivered to india back in February 2019, suffered critical damage to the US-origin periscope and other indigenous components. The recent upgradation of the indian Submarine by Russians resulted in the extension of the Submarine life by 10 years.

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A majority of the work was completed by Russia, while a part of the work was to be completed at the Mumbair Dockyard where the fire incident took place.

According to the reliable sources, the fire took place in the month of march during ‘maintenance work’ and fire has caused critical damage to the sophisticated equipment in the control room by the fire’s soot. All the 18 indian sailor burnt to death in the incident.

Now the indians have to individually check and clear the fire soot from each component of the submarine before getting it back to functional duty. Reliable sources say that the fire has damaged the expensive and critical components to the Submarine and the india has to upgrade the submarine once again to get it back on duty.

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It looks like the india has to again spend thousands of crores on the Submarine to get it back on operational duty. Furthermore, the charred bodies of 18 indian sailors recovered from the site.

All the indian forces face utter humiliation not only for their departments, but for the whole india as well. The indian air force has lost more than 13 aircrafts lone in the past six months and now the indian navy joins the party with fire and other damages to the naval assets.  

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All the coward indian security forces of india are scared by the might of PAKISTANI MILITARY POWER and this is the reason that all the coward indian security forces fear to go to war, because they don’t want to die like a rabid dog by PAKISTANI FORCES.

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