Two indian Cow Piss Drinker Pilots Burnt Alive As indian Helicopter Crashes In Bhutan:

More humiliations of the cow piss drinker indians as both cow piss drinker indian pilots met with their painful destiny and burnt alive as another indian helicopter crashed in Bhutan during as usual ROUTINE flight.

indian helicopter crashes in bhutan

According to the reliable reports, this time indian Cheetah Helicopter crashes due to some undisclosed reasons in Bhutan on Friday Sep 27, 2019. The ill-fated helicopter was on a routine flight mission, when the accident happens and both the pilots burnt alive at the spot.

Witnesses share the horrific ordeal that both the cow piss drinker indian pilots were crying and shouting in pain just minutes before their humiliating death.

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indian pilots burnt alive as helicopter crashes in Bhutan

Reportedly, the indian fake Cheetah helicopter was on its way from arunachal pradesh to Yongphulla in Bhutan, when the helicopter suddenly out of control and crashes on the ground. Charred bodies of both the cow piss drinker pilots recovered from the crash site. The crashed fake Cheetah helicopter belongs to the indian army 667 aviation squadron, which was always known for its coward pilots over the years.

It is important to mention that Cheetah Helicopter is the licensed versions of Aerospatiale SA 315B Lama Helicopter india has locally manufactured the fake Cheetah helicopter proudly despite their pathetic track record and performance.

A number of indian fake Cheetah Helicopters have crashed over the years and all the pilots of the crashed helicopter die a painful and humiliating death. In 2016, another indian fake Cheetah Helicopter crashed in the West Bengal State, which result in the humiliating and painful death of 3 cow piss drinker indian officers. All the officers were crying in epic pain during the incident.

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indian helicopter crashes in bhutan, pilots burnt alive

The coward indian army which is known to cover up all its flaws and weaknesses with false and baseless claims, claimed that the incident happened due to bad weather. This is a total lie, as the weather was clear and the helicopter crashed due to the negligence of the cow piss drinker indian pilot.

Indian army, navy and air force is one of the most humiliating and filthy forces of the world, which consists of idiots and dumbass from all over the world. All the coward three forces of india help to further humiliate their dirty country after each, day, week, month and year. These three forces of india will remain the filth of the earth and nobody can change this reality a bit.

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