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8-Pass Charlie:

8-Pass Charlie was basically a Codename of an unknown Pilot of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE bomber B-57 who himself raided the indian Adampur Airbase multiple times during the PAK-ind war of 1965. The UNKNOWN Brave PAKISTANI was given the name 8-Pass Charlie by the impressed  indian adversaries of the Adampur Air Base in indian Punjab.

8-Pass Charlie Main Picture
8-Pass Charlie Canberra Aircraft

The Ace, 8-Pass Charlie is known to make the total number of 8 passes on the indian airbase and one pass is designated for one target at a time. The UNKNOWN 8-Pass Charlie Pilot dropped the bombs from the PAF B-57 Bomber with pinpoint accuracy at lower altitude instead of dropping the bomb load from a safe distance and getting away in the end.

8-Pass Charlie Main Pic
Brave and Daring Crew of PAF B-57 Bomber Fleet

The Brave unknown PAF Pilot was an expert in disguising his attack by cutting throttles before a dive which confused the indian aircraft gunners. As the indian aircraft gunner began to shoot at the possible location of the aircraft, the PAF Ace Pilot completes his ONE round over the indian airbase by taking precise target of the designated area.

PAK-ind 1965 War and B-57 Air Raids:

During the famous 1965 PAK-ind war which resulted in the humiliated defeat of the coward indians. During the 1965 War, the entire bomber wing of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE was beginning to attacking the different segment and gathering of indian attack fighter jets, especially in the northern indian air bases.

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PAK PAF B-57 Aircrfats 8-Pass Charlie
Fleet of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE B-57 Aircrafts

All the Brave Pilots of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Bomber Fleet successfully managed to fool the indians by taking-off from different airbases and landing at different. The whole coward and incompetent indian air base fails to track the real-time location of the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Bomber during the war.

One of the most remarkable achievements of the PAF Bomber Pilot was that they arrive the designated area in a form of stream within a total time span of 15 minutes, which led to the disruption of the overall efforts and war preparedness of coward indian air force.

 Story Behind the Name ‘8-Pass Charlie’:

The Name ‘8-Pass Charlie was given by the impressed PAKISTANI adversaries of indian force pilots which were too impressed by the remarkable deed of the Brave PAF Ace Pilot. The Brave PAKISTAN AIR FORCE B-57 Bomber Pilot successfully manages to hit the dirty assess of indians by bombing 8 passes during each raid in a daring routine.

The Brave PAF B-57 Bomber Pilot successfully manages to drop the massive 500 lbs bomb on the designated area in each pass in the moonlight.

The Daring PAF B-57 Bomber Pilot only dropped 500 lbs in each pass and completes the bomb load of 4000 lbs in 8 passes instead of dropping all the 4000 lbs bomb load at one time, which would allow a safer exit for the pilot to return home after bombing the indian air bases.

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Kills of the PAF ACE B-57 Bomber Pilot:

The PAF ACE UNKNOWN ‘8-Pass Charlie Pilot’ was responsible for the major disruption in the entire indian air base. One of the most famous kill performed by the B-57 Bomber is an indian air force MiG 21s.

8-Pass Charlie Pic
PAF B-57 Bomber Picture

The MiG 21s was on the Operational Readiness Platform (ORP) and about the take off to bomb PAKISTANI cities when he was destroyed on the indian Adampur Airfield at 2200 hours by the lone and daring ‘8-Pass Charlie’ Pilot.

Another Achievement:

Apart from making 8 passes on the indian airbase for the bombings, the unkown PAF ACE Pilot also conducts another raid on the indian airbases thirty minutes as the moonrise.

Respect from the indian Adversaries:

The Brave PAF ACE Pilot ‘8-Pass Charlie’ had impressed the entire crew and pilots of the indian Adampur Airbase. One of the coward indian pilot named Paddy Earle, paid a rich tribute to the UNKNOWN ‘8-Pass Charlie’ by saying,

“I have the utmost respect for the PAKISTANI Canberra bloke who loved to ruin the equanimity of our dreary lives! 8-PASS CHARLIE was an ace, but he had this nasty habit of turning up about 30 min. after moonrise, just as we were downing our first drink! Seriously, he was a cool dude and a professional of the highest order. To disguise the direction of his run, he used to cut throttles before entering a dive and by the time the ack-ack opened up he was beneath the umbrella of fire. After dropping his load he’d apply full throttle and climb out above the umbrella.”


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“میں پاکستانی بمبار پا‎ئلٹ کے لیۓ انتہائی عزت کے جزبات رکھتا ہوں جسے ہماری زندگیوں کا سکون برباد کرنا انتہائی پسند تھا۔ 8-Pass Charlie ایک Legend) ACE) تھا۔ لیکن اس کی یہ عادت بہت بری تھی کہ وہ چاند نکلنے کے ٹھیک 30 منٹ بعد اپنے ہدف پر پہنچ جاتا تھا۔ عین اس وقت جب ہم اپنے جام ختم کر رہے ہوتے تھے۔ وہ ایک اونچے ترین درجے کا انتہائی پروفیشنل پائیلٹ تھا۔ اپنے حملے کی سمت چھپانے کے لیۓ وہ غوطہ لگانے سے پہلے جہاز کا انجن بند کر دیتا تھا اور جب تک Anti-Aircraft Guns فائر کھولتے وہ پھٹتے گولوں کی چھت سے نیچے آچکا ہوتا اور اپنے ہدف پر بم گرانے کے بعد وہ جہاز کے انجن کو فل پاور پہ کر کے گولیوں کی رینج سے باہر نکل جاتا۔”


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