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PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Sent Urgent Medical Supplies To CHINA As A Symbol Of All-Weather Friendship:

CHINA is undoubtedly the Iron Brother of PAKISTAN and PAKISTAN, CHINA friendship is sweeter than honey and deeper than oceans.  The Scientists, Medical Professional and Doctors in CHINA are busy in their efforts to contain the deadly cornonavirus.

PAKISTAN Send Medical Supplied to CHINA
PAKISTAN Send Medical Supplied to CHINA

In a bid to assist the PAKISTAN’s All-Weather Ally and Brother CHINA, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has sent the military aircraft boarded with urgent medical supplies to CHINA as a symbol of Time-Tested friendship between the two Great Countries, PAKISTAN and CHINA.

Reportedly, the Military Aircraft sent by PAKISTAN AIR FORCE loaded with the Hazmat Suits, Gloves, Masks, Shoe Covers, Goggle and so on. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has termed the medical assistance to CHINA as a Gift from the People of PAKISTAN to the Proud People of CHINA in times of need.

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The Second batch of medical Supplies from PAKISTAN will land in the Wuhan this week. According to the details revealed by the reporters of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), the second batch of Medical Supplies being sent to CHINA, included:

  1. Hazmat Suits: 8,500
  2. Surgical Masks: 2,79,000
  3. Gloves: 28, 500
  4. N95 Masks: 84,500
  5. Aprons: 8,000
  6. Gowns: 2,400
  7. Goggles: 2,400
  8. Shoe Covers: 15,300

It is pertinent to mention that due to the outbreak of Cornonavirus, there is a sudden shortage of protective suits, shoe covers, gloves and Medical Masks.

Earlier, the CHINESE Foreign Ministry has urged that CHINA urgently needs medical safety equipment to protect its people from the further spread of the deadly virus.

The CHINESE State Media has also acknowledged the fact that the United States only spreading Panic and not co-operating and CHINA has received more cooperation, aid and support only from PAKISTAN.

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巴基斯坦中国的友谊远胜海洋,糖果胜过蜂蜜 。 。 。

巴基斯坦中国友谊金巴达 。 。 。

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