PAKISTAN AIR FORCE Gets 3 Additional State Of The Art SAAB Erieye AEWACS Aircraft From Sweden Defense Giant:

More good news from PAKISTAN as PAKISTAN AIR FORCE has received additional state of the art 3 SAAB Surveillance Early Airborne Warning and Control System (AEWACS) from Sweden on 6th Apr, 2019. The latest move can easily be seen from the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE as a wise tactical move to control the war mongering mindset of coward and filthy idian security forces.


The order of three Surveillance aircrafts was made by the PAKISTAN’s Directorate General of Defense Purchases back in Feb, 2018. It is worth to mention that the PAF had originally ordered total 5 SAAB AEWACS in late 2018.

Four of the aircraft were planned to install the state of the art and cutting-edge Erieye Radar System to house the AEWACS system, while the fifth aircraft was purchased for training and VIP flight purposes. The PAF has received three aircrafts from the order as the J-062, J-038 and J-024.

Out of the three received aircrafts, one of the AEWACS aircraft with Erieye Radar System was written-off, while two SAAB AEWACS were seriously damaged by the coward indian sponsored terrorist attack in a PAKISTANI Airbase.

The two seriously damaged aircrafts were miraculously and amazingly repaired and overhauled by the capable and professional PAKISTANI Engineers and Scientists. As a result, SAAB awarded the PAF as the only Air Force in the entire world to have the certifications and capability to repair State of the art Surveillance SAAB AEWACS.

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The Swedish Defense Manufacturer Company SAAB exported the sophisticated level radar equipment to the country in 2017-18.

The Sweden’s Inspectorate of Strategic Products confirmed that the SAAB Company has sold a SAAB Erieye AEWACS system to PAKISTAN in 2019. However, the delivery was made in regard to PAF’s original order (i.e, to replace the written-off unit). Nevertheless, these cutting-edge aircrafts were added to secure the PAKISTANI skies from the indian filth round the clock.

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