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DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed Hosts Intelligence Chiefs Of Five Major Allied And Regional Countries In Islamabad:

The Director General of PAKISTAN’s Most Feared Intelligence Agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed hosts the rare meeting of the intelligence Chiefs of five major regional and allied countries, including Iron Brother CHINA, to discuss the evolving Afghan situation and regional peace in Islamabad on Saturday, September 11, 2021.

DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed Hosts Intelligence Chiefs Of Five Major Allied And Regional Countries In Islamabad
DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed Hosts Intelligence Chiefs Of Five Major Allied And Regional Countries In Islamabad

According to the details, DG ISI Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed hosts a rare meeting of the Intelligence Chiefs of 5 major allied and regional countries in Islamabad.

The Intelligence Chiefs of five major Allied and Regional countries, includes Iron Brother CHINA, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

Although, there was no official confirmation of the meeting from neither side, but reliable sources have confirmed that the Head of PAKISTAN’s Formidable Intelligence Agency, the ISI, Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed hosted the Intelligence Chiefs of the 5 Regional key players in the Federal Capital, ISLAMABAD.

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According to the meeting, the Intelligence Chiefs of all countries agreed on principle that the Afghanistan should not be left alone in any case to deal with financial, food and other problems.

It is pertinent to mention that the Director General of Inter-Services Intelligence (DG ISI) Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed also visit Afghanistan on a high-profile visit, where he meets with all the Leadership of the Afghan Taliban and other prominent Afghan Leaders.

Earlier, the Intelligence Chief of British Intelligence MI6 Richard Moore and CIA Chief William Burns also visits PAKISTAN and held important and high-profile meetings with PAK ARMY CHIEF, COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa at General Headquarters (GHQ) Islamabad.

The latest rare Intelligence gathering of Spy Chiefs of major Allied and Regional Countries by PAKISTAN can be seen as the effort by PAKISTAN to develop consensus among the Major regional and Allied Countries on the way forwards for Afghanistan.

According to the sources, the meeting took place to discuss the unfolding and evolving situation in Afghanistan, where the Afghan Taliban returned to power nearly after 20 years after the humiliating defeat and withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan, which is commonly known as the Graveyard of Empires.

Right from the defeat and withdrawal of US and Allied Forces from Afghanistan, PAKISTAN was of the view that regional countries should accept the new reality and they should not leave Afghanistan alone in any circumstances, whatsoever.

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The recent meeting of Intelligence Chiefs of 5 different countries is also important in the possible fallout of instability in Afghanistan at the behest of the World’s Number One Terror Sponsor Country india and other spoiler countries.

Reportedly, PAKISTAN, CHINA Russia and Central Asian Countries are worried that the further instability in Afghanistan may impact the law and order situation of the entire region, as a whole.

PAKISTAN is of the view that World needs to shift its focus and adopt an entirely new approach on Afghanistan by discarding old lenses and assessing the real ground realities in Afghanistan.

Moreover, PAKISTAN also insists that gone are the day for the policy of coercion and intimidation, which has failed miserably in Afghanistan, and hence collective International approach and engagement is perhaps the only best way forward to have a win-win situation both for Afghanistan and regional countries as a whole.

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