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First Edition Of Three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise Between Special Forces Of Iron Brothers PAKISTAN, TURKEY AND AZERBAIJAN Kicks Off In Baku:

The first ever edition of Three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise between the Special Forces of Iron Brothers PAKISTAN, TURKEY and AZERBAIJAN successfully kicks off in Baku, AZERBAIJAN on Sunday, September 12, 2021, PAKISTAN ARMY Media Wing Head DG ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said in an official statement.

This is the first ever edition of Joint Military Drills between the Special Forces of Iron Brothers AZERBAIJAN, TURKEY and PAKISTAN.

The first edition of Three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise will start from September 12 and will culminate at September 12, 2021.

A solemn opening ceremony of Trilateral Exercise Three Brothers 2021 was held at the Capital of Baku on September 12, 2021 with the participation of Special Forces Contingents from 3 Iron Brother Countries, PAKISTAN, AZERBAIJAN and TURKEY.

The Three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise aimed to further improve the interaction and interoperability of the Brotherly ISLAMIC Countries during real Combat situations and to prepare for hybrid warfare in peace time.

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On the occasion, the National Flags of PAKISTAN, AZERBAIJAN and TURKEY were raised and National Anthems of three Iron Brother Countries Played.

Hero of the Patriotic War, AZERBAIJANI Lieutenant General Hikmat Mirzayev in his opening speech said that He is very pleased to see the representatives of PAKISTANI, TURKISH and AZERBAIJAN Military Contingents together.

“AZERBAIJAN, TURKEY and PAKISTAN have entered the history of mankind as close friends and brothers. At the heart of these relations is the close ties between our peoples. Evidence of this can be seen in the solidarity and support of TURKEY and PAKISTAN to AZERBAIJAN from the first day of the 44-day counter-offensive operations launched by AZERBAIJAN against the armenian armed forces on September 27, 2020,” Lieutenant General Hikmat Mirzayev said.

“Today, cooperation between our countries in all areas is at the highest level. Important measures are being taken to further strengthen and develop our relations to ensure the region’s and peoples’ security,” he added.

A minute of silence was observed to commemorate the Sacred Martyrs of three Iron Brother Countries, AZERBAIJAN, PAKISTAN and TURKEY, who shed their Sacred Blood for the sake of their Sacred Countries, PAKISTAN, TURKEY and AZERBAIJAN.

Lieutenant General Hikmat Mirzayev expressed deep satisfaction and confidence that the commencement of the Trilateral Exercise Three Brothers 2021 International Exercise will not only help to strengthen the Military and Defense relations between the three Iron Brother Countries, but it will also provide an extensive exchange of professional experience between the Servicemen of the three Countries.

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On the occasion, the heads of PAKISTANI and TURKISH Special Forces Contingents, Lieutenant Colonel Aamir Shahzad and Lieutenant Colonel Kurshad Konuk both noted that the bond of Brotherhood and friendship between the people and armed forces of the three Iron Brother Countries would stand the test of time in the rapidly changing geo dynamics and regional and global security environment.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the Commander of AZERBAIJAN Special Forces met with all the guests and wished them best of luck for the exercise.

The opening ceremony of Three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise ended with the soulful presentation of the heart throbbing choreography and musical composition “We are eternal, invincible Brothers” and the song “Three Brothers, which dedicated to the participants of the Three Brothers 2021 Exercise.

The song and musical composition were staged and written by the Honored Art Worker of AZERBIAJAN Military Colonel Abdula Gurbani.

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It is expected that the recent commencement of the 1st ever Edition of three Brothers 2021 Trilateral Exercise, Three Brothers 2021, between the Special Forces of AZERBAIJAN, PAKISTAN and TURKEY will further help to enhance the Interoperability and it will also develop the battle-hardened training through mutual sharing of experience.

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