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GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System:

The GIDS or Global Industrial & Defense Solutions is a Top Notch, Internationally Reputed and state of the art PAKISTAN’s state owned Defense Conglomerate that manufactures and rendered state of the art multi-faceted military applications and solutions. GIDS is also the PAKISTAN’s largest producer of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Tactical Combat Aerial Vehicles (UCAV) and Hand-launched / VTOL Systems. The name of the new product offered by the company is GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System.

GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System
GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System

The GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System is a hi-tech modular and fully integrated Artillery Fire Control System that automatically integrates and automates all the operational functional of Artillery in order to ensure the precise and accurate firing on targets.

The GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System provides end-to-end automated Artillery Fire Control System for the Preparation, Coordination, Dissemination, Execution and Modification of Gun Programs, Fire Support Plan and Fire Plan.

The GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System also features the revolutionary and cutting-edge scalable system architecture that is perfect for the present complex hybrid warfare environments and scenarios.

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This Fire Control System can also be deployed to all existing combat apparatus with little or no modification at all.

GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System is a robust Fire Control System that is fully integrated with all types of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAVs), radars, meteorological systems and Command & Control system via wired or wireless media.

Modules of GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System:

  1. Artillery Fire Direction Module:

The basic purpose of this module is to receive the target information from the Counter Bombardment, Forward Observers and the Fire Support Organizations.

All the stored data, then used to calculate and assess the accurate firing data, which is then transmitted to all the Artillery Fire System and digital message units with the help of wire or wireless media.

  1. Fire Support Planning Module:

The basic purpose of the Fire Support Planning Module is to accurately integrate the fire support with the maneuver plan. This module greatly assists in the preparation, coordination, execution and modification of the Fire Support Plan (FSP) during the action.

All the functionalities of the Geographical Information System (GIS) are fully embedded and integrated in the Fire Support Planning (FSP) Module, including the Preparation of Operational Overlays, Drawing of Military and Tactical Symbols and Map Navigation.

  1. Counter Bombardment Module:

The basic function of the Counter Bombardment Module is to integrate the external sensors, like UAV, UCAV and Radars with the GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System for blazingly fast transfer of information.

The Counter Bombardment Module greatly assists the Commander and Crew in the Battlefield of locating resources by providing Software Aids/Tools.

Moreover, this module also shows different real-time figures, charts, plots, CB Task, and HB List that is automatically generated by this module.

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The Supporting Functions Modules enables the correct and accurate allocation, modification, management and execution of resources, including the Ammunition, Vehicles, Manpower and Weapons.

Operational Features of GIDS PAKFIRE Integrated Artillery Fire Control System:

  • Able to handle all the procedures, functions, methodologies of the Artillery Fire Control System
  • Facilitates in identification of targets and passage of fire orders
  • Integrates Scanned 3D Terrain Maps and Vector Imagery
  • Accurately computes the ballistic and fire data for all types of ammunition
  • Features the advanced level of networking to ensure smooth and hassle-free connectivity
  • Ruggedized hardware according to Military standards to use in harsh environmental conditions and terrains
  • Available for the Battery, Regiment, Divisional and up to Operational Level configurations
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