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More Humiliations For india On The Way As india Planning Another ‘Surgical Strike’ in PAKISTAN:

More humiliations for india, also known as the World’s Number 1 Terror Sponsor Country, is on the way as india is planning another Strategic strike in PAKISTAN to divert the attention of the World from the protests of Brave Sikh farmers against the fragile indian union.  

27th Feb Surprise Day
27th Feb Surprise Day

The revelations were revealed by the PAKISTAN Foreign Minister in a press conference held in Abu Dhabi that was attended by the various leading International and National Media Groups.

Foreign Minister said that india is planning a surgical strike in the next coming days in order to divert the attention of the world from the internal unrest situation led by the Brave Sikh Farmers against the fragile indian union.

“This is a very critical situation. If India takes military action, it will get a full response,” FM warned coward indian government and indian forces.

“PAKISTAN is a peaceful country, but has the strength to respond appropriately. The situation in Illegally indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iIOJ&K) has become very serious. India is trying to use ugly tactics against PAKISTAN,” FM added.

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PAKISTAN Foreign Minister further revealed that World’s Number 1 Terrorist Country, india, is trying to seek the ‘tacit approval’ from the several international players, which india considered as its partners. PAKISTAN Foreign Minister added that the main reason of this surgical strike is the worsening domestic situation in the india led by the protests of Brave Sikh farmers.

While interacting with the leading International and National media, Foreign Minister said that the recent irrational approach of india was driven by the frustration the terrorists RSS-BJP led regime due to the internal unrest led by the protests of Brave Sikh Farmers across the fragile indian union.

FM added that india is also trying to divert the focus of the world from the grave human rights violation being committed by the coward indian security forces against the illegally indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iIOJ&K).

“I want to share all this information with the UAE government and the rest of the world,” FM added.

PAKISTAN Foreign Minister added indian government, indian state and indian establishment are using all possible resources to spread unrest and incite terrorism in the Sacred Country PAKISTAN.

india is planning a false flag operation… we are well aware about the indian designs. We have credible intelligence about Indian plans to stage false flag operation,” PAKISTANI FM said.

Referring to the recent report issued by the Brussels based Disinformation Watchdog, EU DisinfoLab, he said that the report made by the EU DisinfoLab exposes the ugly terror sponsor face of india in front of the World Community.

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india is a country that always supports and use terror as a state policy and the indian government, indian  state and indian establishment always tries to use all possible means, including the indian sponsored, indian trained and indian funded terrorists, to spread anarchy and incite violence in the Sacred Country PAKISTAN.

The coward indian nation, coward indian government, coward indian establishment and the coward indian security forces braces Worldwide Humiliation, Embarrassment and Ignominy during the eve of February 27, 2019, in which the Brave Falcons of PAKISTAN AIR FORCE successfully manages to destroy all the pride, dignity and respect of india, if they had, by shooting down two indian star fighter jets, including the SU-30MKI and MiG-21 in broad daylight.

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Abhninandan Enjoying its Fantastic Tea
Abhninandan Enjoying his FANTASTIC TEA to celebrate his Capturing by PAKISTANI SECURITY FORCES

The Brave Security Forces of PAKISTAN also take one indian monkey named Abhinandan as POW. Later, Abhinandan was released days after getting proper hospitality from PAKISTANI side along with the “Fantastic Tea”, which he enjoyed very much during the eve of the indian humiliation day.

Top Defense Analysts are claiming that india is sitting on a powder keg and the recent countrywide massive protests by the Sikhs would act as a fire starter in that powder keg, which would results in the total disintegration of the fragile indian union into 20+ countries in the Subcontinent sooner than later.

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