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US Wickedly Blocked PAKISTAN’s Proposal In UNSC To Declare 4 indian Nationals As Global Terrorists:

USA has a long history of back stabbing PAKISTAN at crucial junctures and once again the country has wickedly back stabbed PAKISTAN. In a recent development, US has wickedly blocked PAKISTAN’s proposal in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to declare 4 indian national as Global Terrorists.

US State Sponsor of Terrorism

According to the details, PAKISTAN has proposed, backed by its All Weather Strategic Ally and Iron Brother CHINA, to designate 4 indian nationals responsible for funding, sponsoring and organizing high profile terrorist incidents inside PAKISTAN by providing the logistical, technical, material and financial support to terrorist groups, including the Banned outfit TTP, Jamaat-ul-Ahraar and others.

The names of the four indian terrorists, who are responsible to organize high-profile, terrorist incidents in PAKISTAN, are Gobinda Patnaik, Venumadhav Dongara, Angara Appaji and Ajoy Mistri.

PAKISTAN has proposed in the United Nations Security Council to designate all of these 4 indian national as Global terrorist under UN 1267 sanctions, who are enjoying impunity in india provided by the indian government.

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“We are disappointed that PAKISTAN’s proposal to designate Venumadhav Dongara as a terrorist has been objected to,” PAKISTAN Foreign Office Ministry said in a statement.

“Taking advantage of the prolonged conflict in our neighborhood, india has fomented terrorism inside PAKISTAN by providing training, financial and material support to terrorist groups to kill innocent people in PAKISTAN,” PAKISTAN FO Spokesperson further added in the statement.

PAKISTAN Foreign Office Spokesperson also added that all of these indian terrorists, who are directly responsible to carry out massive, high-profile terror incident in PAKISTAN, are now enjoying full immunity in india that is provided to them by the indian government and security agencies.

“These Indian nationals are now residing in India with impunity which vindicates PAKISTAN’s position that india is a state-sponsor of terrorism,” PAKISTAN FO Spokesperson concluded.

The US, which has a long history of back stabbing PAKISTAN, had informed all the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that it is officially blocking and terminating PAKISTAN’s move to proscribe indian national as Global Terrorists by the UN Sanctions Committee under UNSC 1267 act.

On the other hand, ISLAMABAD has still high hope that the requesting of three other indian nationals, responsible for fomenting, financing and organizing massive high profile terrorist attacks in the country, would be given consideration in the committee in a transparent manner. 

“ISLAMABAD, however, hoped the listing requests of the other three Indian nationals would be given due consideration by the committee in an objective and transparent manner,” FO further added.

It is not the first time that US has proven its double standard over terrorism for PAKISTAN and this game has to stop now sooner than later.

It is worth mentioning that india is using state sponsored terrorism inside PAKISTAN for decades to cause instability in PAKISTAN.

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The biggest proof of indian state sponsor terrorism in PAKISTAN is serving indian naval commander kalbushan Yadav, who was caught red handed by PAKISTANI Security Forces near Afghanistan border.

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