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TURKISH Company STM To Further Enhance the Capabilities Of PAKISTAN’s Agosta 90B Submarines:

More sigh of relief for PAKISTAN, as the TURKISH Top Defense Industry Giant STM has signed a contract to further Boost and Enhance the Capabilities of PAKISTAN’s 90-B Agosta Submarine.

PAKISTAN Agosta 90-B Submarine Somewhere in Arabian Sea
PAKISTAN Agosta 90-B Submarine Somewhere in Arabian Sea

According to the details, the TURKISH Defense Giant Company STM has signed a contract with the PAKISTAN to modernize and enhance the capabilities of four PAKISTAN’s Agosta Class Submarines. The TURKISH STM won the contract against the French Manufacturers back to June, 2016.

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Technically speaking, the Agosta 90-B Class Submarine is an improved version of the attack Submarine with the modern systems, deeper driving capability, better armaments, lower acoustic cavitation, better battery with longer endurance and better automatic control (reducing Crew Members from 54 to 36).

The Agosta-Class Submarine is basically a Class of Diesel-Electric Fast-Attack Submarine designed, developed and manufactured by the France to Succeed the Daphné-Class Submarines.

It can be equipped with the revolutionary MESMA AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) System. It is capable of different armament options as the Seaborne Nuclear Cruise Missiles, SM-39 Exocet Anti-Ship Missile and it can also housed a combined load up to massive 16 torpedoes. These Latest Submarines were built through the TOT (Transfer of Technology) by France to PAKISTAN.

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