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Humiliated indian army begs PAKISTAN ARMY to Stop Killing Their soldiers by Artillery Firing along LoC:

It seems as the humiliation of cowards and terrorist indians doesn’t like to stop for the rest of their lives, as the already humiliated indian military begged and requests the GREAT PAKISTAN ARMY to stop killing the coward indian soldiers by Artillery Shelling along the Line of Control (LoC).


The development came after continuous warmongering of indian after the false flag of Pulwama attack in which india itself orchestrated and killed his own filthy bastards to blame PAKISTAN.

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As per the details, PAKISTANI GUNS along the Line of Control (LoC) cause heavy losses to terrorist india both in terms of life and property. On the occasion, the Great PAKISTAN ARMY Spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor also mentioned the heavy damages done by the Brave and Valiant Armed Forces of PAKISTAN to the indian soldiers.

PAK ARMY killed indian dogs
PAK ARMY killed coward indian soldiers

Up to 34 cow piss drinker filthy indian soldiers have been killed like a rabid dog on February 28 during the exchange of fire between PAKISTAN and india. The lethal firing of PAKISTAN ARMY had taken the shit out of the dirty asses of filthy indian soldiers and forced the filthy indians to change the position of their guns.

Filthy india has been continuously involved in violating the ceasefire along LoC and PAKISTAN ARMY has to kill the indian dogs to stop such firing.

filthy indian soldiers carry a coffin of their filthy soldier which was killed by the PAKISTAN ARMY firing along LoC
coward indian soldiers carry a coffin of their filthy soldier which was killed by the PAKISTAN ARMY firing along LoC

Unlike the GREAT PAK ARMY, coward indian soldiers only focused to harm innocent PAKISTANI Civilians and their properties, as the PAKISTAN ARMY only focused to kill the filthy Indian soldiers by avoiding collateral damage.

This recent request of cow pisses drinker filthy india can be seen as india has already bent down to its filthy knee in front of GREAT PAKISTAN by begging the mercy. Humiliated india and humiliated and filthy Indians will always be humiliated and that’s for sure…

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