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3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin


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3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin:

Markhor is the national animal of PAKISTAN. PAKDEFENSE in collaboration with the Saariya’s are now coming up with an innovative, unique and top quality product designed specifically for diehard lovers and patriots of this great country PAKISTAN. The name of this top quality product is 3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin.

The 3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin, as the name clearly indicates, is a top quality 3D Raised Lapel Pin designed as the Insignia of PAKISTAN’S Premier Intelligence Agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). 

The Markhor got its name from two different words: Mar means Snake and Khor means Eater, so the complete meaning of Markhor is Snake Eater.

In ancient history, the ancient Himalayan Tribes used to keep the Markhor in their Camps to protect themselves from deadly and poisonous snakes. This great animal is still found in the Northern Areas of PAKISTAN. The 3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin can easily be placed on Coats, Waistcoats, Caps, Hats, Shirts and so on.

Now all the diehard patriots can easily place an order of this quality product just by placing the order of this product by the simple process of adding to cart and that’s all.

Dedicated to all Markhors – Snake Eaters . . .

Additional Specifications of the 3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin:

  1. Special 3D Raised Metal Lapel Pin
  2. Made from finest quality metal
  3. Features top quality polishing
  4. Durable and Sturdy Construction
  5. Portable
  6. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x 3D Markhor Copper Lapel Pin

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