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Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden


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Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden:

If you are a diehard patriot of this Great Country, PAKISTAN and always looking to purchase different types of top-quality patriotic products to show your dedication and love towards this country, then you have come to the right place for the right thing. The official franchise of the PAKDEFENSE has got almost the complete range of top-quality patriotic products under one roof. Today, the company has come up with yet another premium quality product named as the Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden.

The Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden is basically an extreme detail rich 3D Lapel Pin of Ghazi Khilji Version. The Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden comes in the appealing and beautiful Golden color which looks awesome on almost any type of formal and casual dressing.

Brief History:

The Term “GHAZI” is basically a War veteran, who is basically a MUJAHID who fought in the name and path of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. ALLAH ALMIGHTY has given a chance to this Mujahid to Show his Battle skills in the battle. The GHAZI lives and dies for War and Fighting and who always impatiently wanted to return to the battlefield to embrace Martyrdom.

The term khilji in Ghazi Khilji is taken from the name of Alaudin Khilji who with Feruz attacked, conquered and revived the famous Delhi Sultanate from the reigns of hindu rajas. Alaudin khilji along with Feruz humiliates and killed the remaining hindu rajas to revive and conquer the Delhi Sultanate again.

The Shape of the Wolf’s face is taken from the Coat of Arms of Ertugul Ghazi Who is the Father of Uthman (Who founds the famed KHILAFAT E USMANIA). Ghazi was the nickname of the Ghazi. The Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden featured the detail rich lapel pin featuring the Wolves Face.

There is a quote of the FAMOUS WARRIOR OF ISLAM HAZRAT KHALID BIN WALEED “May the Eyes of Cowards Never Sleeps” Our team has worked very effort on designing the Eyes of the Ghazi Wolf Badge, so it reminds you that in difficult times, Ghazi never ever abandoned his mission, because he believed that he has to hold the ground in the battlefield till Martyrdom.

The Term Ghazi reminds you the rough and tough soldiers of PAKISTAN ARMY SPECIAL SERVICES GROUP (SSG) and this term is taken from THINKER OF PAKISTAN AND POET OF EAST DR. ALLAMA IQBAL “YEH GHAZI YEH TERAY PURISRAR BANDEY” …

Ghazi never afraid of Death and in fact he loves death more than the enemy loves his life. The Term Son Savas means the final battle which every Ghazi seeks and wanted to be part of. Ghazi always wanted to embrace martyrdom while fighting in a Battlefield and they don’t want to die like a Camel die as when camel aged and weak and then die. As the Famous Warrior of ISLAM HAZRAT KHALID BIN WALEED SAYS “I throw myself on Enemy Soldiers in a manner that I am sure that I will not come out alive”.

Now the Delhi Sultanate will again attack, conquered and revived by the PAKISTAN’s most FEARED MAKSED SSG COMMANDOS who will attack the Delhi Sultanate and every soldier of SSG will be act as a Ghazi, who wish to embrace martyrdom in the battlefield while battling the coward indians.

All the Ghazi’s of SSG seeks no recognition, commendation and they don’t fight to win bravery medals in a battlefield. They solely battle to embrace martyrdom in the battlefield. All they know that they came from the dust and they will return to the same dust again after some time. If it’s not them, then there will be someone else who will fulfill this sacred duty. All the Ghazi Soldiers of SSG just do their assigned duty and they have complete Faith in ALLAH ALMIGHTY to safeguard the Blood Pledge, which they took and they do not seek any rewards or gains for it, ALLAH O AKBAR…

The Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden Comes in the beautiful Golden Color with a small green label of Ghazi. The Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden is made from the solid metal and all the cutting, engraving and polishing of the metal is done with the help of the cutting-edge laser machine.

The overall process for placing the order of this top-quality product is very simple and would take more than 6,7 minutes in total. All you have to do is to just log on to the website of the PAKDEFENSE.COM and after that you just have to select your desired product in the cart. Finally, you just have to fill the order form, that’s all.

Additional Specifications of the Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden:

  1. Top of the line Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden
  2. First time in PAKISTAN
  3. Featuring the Ertugul Ghazi Coat of Arms Wolf
  4. Made from the solid metal
  5. Extreme 3D Feature Rich Lapel Pin
  6. Dedicated to the upcoming attack of SSG Commandos to revive the Delhi Sultanate
  7. Easy to use
  8. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x Ghazi Khilji 3D Lapel Pin Golden

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