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Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver


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Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver:

The official franchise of the PAK DEFENSE always brings you the most recent, up to date patriotic products which can not only be seen as the gesture of love and gratitude for this great country PAKISTAN, but it also adds more humiliation to the already humiliated indians, hindu banya and hindutva as a whole. The name of the new product named as the Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver.

Right from the founding of PAKISTAN, india tries its level best to defame this great country through its propaganda and lies, but always fails miserably. On 26th of February, when indian jets dared to cross the Line of Control (LOC), then when the BRAVE FALCONS OF PAF denied their entry to this SACRED LAND, then all the dirty asses of indians set on fire and they start running back to their filthy country by dropping the payload of the aircraft to increase the speed of the aircraft.

Later, the indian media, which is known as the world’s number 1 liar media claims that they took the precision strike and killed more than “300 TERRORISTS” and this false claim was rejected by all the world except india, as always. On the 26th Feb, 2019, PAKISTAN ARMY MEDIA WING vows to take revenge by giving a surprise to  indians.

On the eve of 27th of Feb, 2019 less than 24 hours from PAKISTAN ultimatum, the BRAVE FALCONS OF PAKISTAN AIR FORCE (PAF) manage to enter into indian territory and later they managed to shot down two indian aircrafts which were violating the LOC. PAKISTAN AIR FORCE not only managed to shot down 2 indian aircrafts, but also managed to capture one pilot named Abhinandan alive. This rapid revenge stuns the hindu banya and they start shitting in their DHOTI’s.

Both the aircrafts were shot down by the PAKISTAN’s Pride known as the JF-17 Thunder. Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver is basically can be seen as a small tribute to the brave armed forces of PAKISTAN and those brave pilots which not only brought down the indian aircrafts, but also their arrogance.

Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver is basically a detail rich lapel pin of JF-17 Thunder and the lapel pin as written a date on it as 27022019; means the brave and resilient nation of PAKISTAN manages to give a surprise to indians which they will never ever forget in their remaining already humiliated life, INSHALLAH.

The Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver is made from the top quality metal and all the polishing and cutting of the metal is done with the help of the latest and cutting-edge machines, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the product a bit.

The Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver is designed to use on nearly all types of casual and formal clothing with ease. As the Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver comes in the Antique Silver color, so it looks nice with almost any color dressings with ease.

If you have made your mind to purchase this versatile quality Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver, then you just have to log on to the official website of the PAKDEFENSE and after that you can place an order of this or any of your desired products with ease.

Just purchase now the Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver and be the BRAVE PAF FALCONS to shoot down the indian aircrafts, false propaganda lies and arrogance with AMRAAM Missile from JF-17 Thunder, ALLAH O AKBAR…

Additional Specifications of the Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver:

  1. Top of the line Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver
  2. Detail rich model of JF-17 Thunder with 27022019 wording written on it
  3. Dedicated to the PAKISTAN AIR FORCE FALCONS
  4. Reflects the 27th Feb,2019 Surprise day to india
  5. Comes in beautiful Antique Silver Color
  6. Easy to use
  7. Designed to be used with almost any clothing color with ease
  8. Lightweight
  9. Premium quality

Package Contains:

1 x Sherdils 3D Lapel Pin Antique Silver

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