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Pasbaan Pack


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Pasbaan Pack:

If you want to express your passion and solidarity with this great country PAKISTAN with a different and unique style, then the PAKDEFENSE is giving you this unique opportunity. The name of this sacred and top of the line patriotic pack is Pasbaan Pack.

The Pasbaan Pack is basically a master collection pack and consists of 8 different Lapel Pins as the QUAID E AZAM Silver 3D lapel Pin, Hayder Khaybar 3D Lapel Pin, Markhor Antique Golden 3D Lapel Pin, AZEEM PARCHAM 3D Lapel Pin, PARCHAM Lapel Pin, Watan Salamat Lapel Pin Green, Al Aqsa 3D Lapel Pin Green and Shaheen Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin Golden.

All these sacred patriotic products are made from the top of the line metal by ensuring the maintaining the highest manufacturing standards. All the Lapel Pins represent different rich ISLAMIC value, tradition and glory.

All the engraving on these Lapel Pins is done with the help of latest and cutting-edge laser cutting machines. This type of unique work hasn’t been done in PAKISTAN before and we are the pioneers in the field.

The Pasbaan Pack is designed to use with nearly all types of clothing line including Hats, Caps, Sherwani, Shalwar Kameez, Waist Coat, Pant Coat, Coat and so on. Please note that all the users must have to follow the protocols needed to handle and place the AZEEM PARCHAM and PARCHAM Lapel pin.

The overall process for placing this pack of patriotic product is very simple and wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes in total. All you have to do is to just log on to the official website of the PAKDEFENSE and after that you just have to select and add this product in the cart. Finally, you just have to fill the order form with the correct details that is required by our shipping department for delivery, simple is that!

Additional Specifications of the Pasbaan Pack:

  1. Top quality Pasbaan Pack
  2. Consists of 8 different premium quality patriotic lapel pins
  3. Made from the top of the line metal
  4. Suitable for both the formal and clothing line
  5. Easy to use
  6. Durable
  7. Reliable
  8. Portable
  9. Lightweight

Package Contains:

1 x QUAID E AZAM Silver 3D lapel Pin

1 x Hayder Khaybar 3D Lapel Pin

1 x Watan Salamat Lapel Pin Green

1 x Al Aqsa 3D Lapel Pin Green

1 x Shaheen Al Quds 3D Lapel Pin Golden

1 x Markhor Antique Golden 3D Lapel Pin

1 x AZEEM PARCHAM 3D Lapel Pin

1 x PARCHAM Lapel Pin

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