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Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring


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The official franchise of the PAKDEFENSE.OFFICIAL always tries to bring you the state of the art Islamic and Patriotic Products under one roof. Today, we have come with yet another top of the line Sacred Islamic Product named as the Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring.

The Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring is another top quality product offered by the PAKDEFENSE Official. The Black Titanium KALMA Ring, as the name clearly indicates, is a top quality and state of the art Sacred Ring featured the complete KALMA TAYYABA on it.

The complete KALMA E TAYYABA is engraved in Arabic Language on the Outside of the ring, where the inside of the ring also features the KALMA TAYYABA in English language. The Black Titanium KALMA Ring features the high end electroplating polish for pristine look and premium finish.

The sacred Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring comes in the beautiful black color and it comes in the different finger sizes from 7 to 13. It is recommended to all users to please properly measure your finger size, before placing the order, as it will help to avoid any inconvenience later.

As the Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring is crafted with the Black Titanium Metal, so its shine is unmatched than any other metal. Moreover, the Black Titanium KALMA Ring is hypoallergenic, corrosion-resistant and they also posses the highest strength to weight ratio than any other crystalline metal available in the market.

Please note that if you want to preserve the Pristine Finish, Look and Shine of the Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring, then please avoid the ring from different Harsh Chemicals such as Soap, Shampoo, Cleaning Detergents and so on.

The Titanium is known to be the strongest and durable as per their high strength-to-weight- ratios. This is the reason that Titanium metal is widely used in jewelry.

Protocols For Handling the Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring:

  1. Don’t point the ring in downward direction
  2. Please remove the Ring before going to washroom
  3. Always remove the ring before going to sleep
  4. Try to avoid foul and harsh words by wearing the KALMA E TAYYABA Ring
  5. Always take care of the ring, because the whole KALMA E TAYYABA is written on it

Additional Specifications of the Black Titanium KALMA Ring:

  1. Top of the line and Sacred Black Titanium KALMA Ring
  2. Features Complete KALMA E TAYYABA in Arabic Language on Outside and English Language in inside
  3. Made from Titanium Metal
  4. Features High End Electroplating finish
  5. 100% Titanium Metal Ring
  6. Comes in different sizes
  7. Comes in Pristine Black Color
  8. Easy to Install
  9. Easy to Remove
  10. Lightweight
  11. Durable
  12. Portable

Box Contains:

1 x Black Titanium KALMA E TAYYABA Ring


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7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13


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