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AFGHAN TALIBAN Vows To Launch Jihad And Massive High Profile Attacks Against india After Eid Ul Fitr:

More worries and sleepless nights coming ahead for the indian government and indian security forces as Afghan Taliban announces to launch Jihad and Massive High Profile Attack against india soon after the Eid Ul Fitr. The announced was made by the Spokesperson of Afghan Taliban Zabeeh Ullah Mujahid.

Afghan Taliban Wants to Visit PAKISTAN

The Afghan Taliban announces that brutal destiny is coming ahead for the indian security forces as the rough, tough and brave soldiers of Afghan Taliban would launch lethal attacks against india or endia in right in the heart and far flung areas of india.

AFGHAN TALIBAN Announces JIHAD and Major Attacks Against india After Eid Ul Fitr
AFGHAN TALIBAN Announces JIHAD and Major Attacks Against india After Eid Ul Fitr

Furthermore, the total indian strength of the indian security forces is about 13,00,000, including reserves and out of 1.3 million, 9 million indian security forces have been deployed in indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) and they’ve imposed a total lockdown and curfew in indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) Since August, 2019.

Top Defense Analysts said that it seems that more bad days are coming for indian and indian security forces, as Afghan Taliban are quite capable to carry out massive attacks against any security force of the world. The Afghan Taliban has previously demonstrated their capability and lethality by attacking US, Pro-US and Western forces in different parts of Afghanistan.

Now, almost 9 months have been passed, but the indian security forces are too afraid to lift the curfew with the possible reaction of Brave KASHMIRI Brethren.

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But, even imposing total curfew in the occupied Valley, the Brave KASHMIRI Freedom Fighters have launched massive high profile attack and killed hundreds of indian soldiers, including commandos and a decorated colonel. Now, if the Afghan Taliban joins the resistance, then they will hunt down the indian security forces from the valley like cats and dogs.

It is worth mentioning that Afghan Taliban also lambastes the indian government and indian security forces that indian always played a negative role in Afghanistan and india always supported and advocated Terrorism in the country. Furthermore, Afghan Taliban also said that it is india who have always supported the traitors in the country.

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Afghan Taliban Lambasts india Over Its Negative Role in Afghanistan
Afghan Taliban Lambastes india Over Its Negative Role in Afghanistan

The Afghan Taliban ultimatum comes at a time, when the indian security forces and hindu extremist terrorist organization RSS are lynching Muslims in different parts of the india and this is the indian government has allowed the lynching of Muslims.

Furthermore, the indian government also encourages extremist hindus or Saffron Terrorists to lynch and kill Muslims at their will and nobody will arrest them for their heinous acts against Muslims.

The Tri-ARMED FORCES of PAKISTAN have also made necessary arrangements to engage with full spectrum war with india over the burning issue of indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K). PAKISTAN NAVY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN ARMY are fully ready, equipped and armed to give a befitting reply to india over its criminal acts against the Brave KASHMIRI Brethren very soon.

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