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india Wants to Derail Afghan Peace Talks, Warned Former indian Envoy:

As the major  regional countries are moving steadily to find the political solution to end the 18 year long conflict, the anxiety level of india is looming day by day because PAKISTAN has successfully kick out india from the Afghan Peace Talks and india hasn’t got any stakes in the Peace Talks.

The india don’t want peace in Afghanistan and PAKISTAN and want to disturb the peace in regional countries with its state sponsored terrorism policy. The india has made over $3 billion investment in Afghanistan and a major portion of this investment has been used to sponsor terrorist activities in PAKISTAN by using the Afghanistan Soil.

The concern and panic of indians is increasing day by day and the indian national security advisor in fact complain to the visiting US foreign Secretary that the india should be included in the proposed Afghanistan Peace Talks, but the US itself reject the indian concern categorically.

The india is concerned by the fact that PAKISTAN has joined the Major Regional powers as the China, Russia and US to ink an agreement with the Afghan Taliban by leaving out from the process totally. Reality is that even no country in the world is taking indian concerns seriously, which adds more humiliation to the indians.

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In a bid to add more fury to the situation, the former indian envoy to Afghanistan rakesh sood has clearly admitted that PAKISTAN has kick out india from the Afghanistan Peace Talks and neither the Puppet Afghanistan Government nor the india has make its way in the negotiations.

Moreover, the indian envoy to Afghanistan rakesh sood warned that the dream of peace in Afghanistan would not turned into reality as the india will try ‘all options’ to disrupt and derail the Afghanistan Peace Talks. The indian envoy further warned that real ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is not going to end, as it is against the state policy of india.

“After the U.S. exits, it will declare an end to its longest war. But it will not end the conflict in Afghanistan because peace in Afghanistan was never the real objective of the current flurry of talks. That is why the Afghans and India feel aggrieved,” the indian envoy rakesh sood said.

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To add more fury to the butts of indians, the US Ambassador in Afghanistan John Bass categorically made it clear that the future of proposed Afghanistan’s Presidential Elections, which are scheduled to be held in Sep 2019, could be indefinitely postponed till the Afghan Taliban and the US reach a logical conclusion.

This idea has also raised serious concerns in Delhi as the india is saying that it will oppose this idea with all tooth and nail, if they have any.

Now the time has come that the World should take a serious note of the nefarious indian designs and if the india didn’t change its course to derail the Afghanistan Peace Talks, then the World should attack and destroy india completely, which is the main cause for regional state sponsored terrorism.

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