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CHINA Test Fires Tianlei 500 Missile That Can Wipe Off An Entire Airbase In One Strike:

PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother and All Weather Strategic Ally, CHINA achieved a significant milestone by developing a cutting-edge and lethal Tianlei 500 Missile that can easily wipe off an entire airbase in just one strike.

The name Tianlei 500 meaning a Sky Thunder, which was developed by CHINA North Industries Defense Group, better known as Norinco.

According to the details, CHINA has test fired Tianlei 500 a precision guided munitions dispenser and an air to surface missile. The missile can carry 240 different types of precision submunitions to attack a variety of targets, including an entire airbase of enemy.

CHINA Developed Tianlei 500 Missile that can wipe off airbase in minutes
CHINA Developed Tianlei 500 Missile that can wipe off airbase in minutes

The total weight of the missile is 500 Kilograms and the Tianlei missile has a square cross-section and a dispenser that can hold a variety of lethal and deadly submunitions and warheads.

The use of square cross section also reduces the radar cross section of the missile that significantly help to boost its stealth capability, which allows it to strike deep inside enemy territory with pinpoint accuracy.

The extra wings of the Tianlei 500 missile provides extra lift and the total range of the missile is more than 60 Kilometers in range.

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The Tianlei missile can easily be fired from airborne CHINESE Platforms as JF-7 Fighter Bomber, H-6 Bomber and J-16 Fighter Jets. The Missile can release tens of hundreds of submunitions that can easily cause irreparable loss and destruction to large enemy facilities, including the airbase.

A Senior CHINESE Military Expert said, “A typical munitions dispenser like this can disable an airfield for an extended period with only one shot, because the sheer number of submunitions means the whole runway will be destroyed. It is also possible that some of the submunitions will be mines, which will make attempts to repair the runway very risky.”

The Tianlei 500 missile will provide unmatched and crucial wartime decisive opportunities, because it will not allow enemy to make any warplane sortie by destroying an entire the enemy airbase and it can easily seize air superiority and gain tactical advantage crucial battle.

CHINA's Tianlei 500 Missile
CHINA’s Tianlei 500 Missile

The missile is classified as a hybrid missile that lies between a guided bomb and an air to ground missile. The missile can carry a variety of submunitions and warheads to that can cover more than 6,000 square meters.

A senior CHINESE NORINCO Official said, “Each dispenser can carry 240 submunitions of six types, which when released will cover more than 6,000 sqm.”

The test firing of Tianlei 500 missile will fill a gap for CHINA’s Air Force and it will also help to boost the much needed air superiority combat capability against its adversaries, including india and US.

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A Hong Kong based Defense Analysts Song Zongping said that the new weapon will give CHINA a much needed air superiority power to CHINESE People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and CHINESE People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) to conduct deep strike into enemy territory.

“It’s one of the most important advanced weapons for the CHINESE Military right now because it’s a very effective tool for attacking and destroying multiple types of ground targets at the same time,” Song Zhongping said.

“And, it can keep warplanes at a relatively safe distance from combat areas, reducing the possibility of casualties,” he added.

The Tianlei 500 Missile is designed to enemy airbases, airport runways, aircraft tarmac, strategic facilities, armed personnel in large numbers of enemy forces.

CHINA Test Fires Tianlei 500 Missile That Can Wipe Off An Antire Airbase In One Strike
CHINA Test Fires Tianlei 500 Missile That Can Wipe Off An Antire Airbase In One Strike

Some defense analysts are suggesting that a CHINESE version of Tianlei 500 Missile got somewhat resemblance to the US Joint Stand-Off Weapon (JSOW), which entered in service back in 1998. But there are two key differences between the two missiles, the Tianlei 500 contains up to 240 submunitions, whereas as the JSOW contains only 145 submunitions in total.

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CHINA’s Tianlei 500 Missile is likely to use CHINA’s BeiDou Navigation Global Positioning System for target locking, acquiring and destruction purposes.

Nevertheless, it is a significant achievement by PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA in the filed of Defense and Self Sufficiency. The adversaries will feel the real worth of the Tianlei 500 in the years to come.

CHINA Test Fires Tianlei 500 Missile That Can Wipe Off An Antire Airbase In One Strike
CHINA Test Fires Tianlei 500 Missile That Can Wipe Off An Antire Airbase In One Strike

The new testing of airfield missile during the CHINA-india standoff is very important, as CHINA can easily humiliate an entire indian air force, including its army by destroying the airfield nearing CHINESE legal territory of Ladakh, Galwan, Demchok and Pangong.

The new precision stealth guided bomb can also destroy the airfield of indian air force hosted the newly acquired Rafale fighters in one strike.

PAKISTAN has reportedly shown keen interest in the Tianlei 500 Missile and chances are there that PAKISTAN might get this bomb in Bulk quantity from its Iron Brother Ally CHINA in the near future.

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