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CHINESE FM Warned india If It Provoked CHINA Then Responsibility Rests With india:

Since the beginning of the year, the indian security forces were trying their best to forcefully snatch and occupy the legal territory of its neighbors by force. The biggest example is indian illegally Occupied Jammu & KASHMIR, which indian forcefully annex in its fragile union by abrogating article 370. 

CHINESE FM Warned india If It Provoked CHINA Then Responsibility Rests With india

After that india tried to illegally snatch the legal Nepalese Territory of Kala Pani and Lipulekh, which also draws international reaction from world community.

Now, the indian security forces, which are known for their cowardness and incompleteness, have once again tried to provoke its other neighboring country CHINA by escalating the situation in the CHINESE legal territories of Galwan Valley, Demchok, Ladakh and Pangong Tso Lake near the Reqin Mountain.

In response to indian provocation and attempts to infiltrate in CHINESE legal territories of Ladakh, Galwan Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Demchok, the CHINESE Foreign Minister Spokesperson has clearly warned that if india provoke Beijing then all the responsibility would rest on india afterwards.

CHINESE Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Hua Chunying said, “The responsibility rests entirely with the Indian side. CHINA has exercised great restraint to prevent the situation from escalating.”

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The CHINESE Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said that CHINA is exercising great restraint over the illegal actions of indian armed forces, but the situation wouldn’t be same forever.

“CHINA urged the Indian side to strictly restrain its front-line troops, immediately stop all provocative actions, immediately withdraw all personnel who have illegally crossed the line and immediately stop any actions that may cause tension and complicate the situation, CHINESE FM Spokesperson Hua Chunying further added.

“indian troops once again illegally crossed the Line of Actual Control near the south bank of the Pangong Tso Lake and near the Reqin Mountain on Monday. Earlier in the day, india, which first moved to accuse CHINA of carrying out “provocative military movements,” Hua Chunying continued.

india, who is the mother of all terrorism in Asia, has a long history of backstabbing and forcefully snatching the land of its neighbors by committing false flag operations and terrorist incidents in other countries with the help indian sponsored, indian funded and indian trained terrorists. But now it seems that the world has decided to ruthlessly crush the menace of india to stop its madness once for all.

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