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CHINA To Forcefully Expel indian navy Warships From The South CHINA Sea:

The indian madness knows no boundary after illegally snatching legal territories of PAKISTAN, CHINA and Nepal, now the country is poking its nose in the internal affairs of all its neighboring countries.

CHINA To Forcefully Expel indian navy Warships From The South CHINA Sea
CHINA To Forcefully Expel indian navy Warships From The South CHINA Sea

In the recent development, the misguided and incompetent indian navy has deployed its Warships in CHINESE legal maritime territorial frontiers of the South CHINA Sea.

The step has irked sharp response from CHINA and CHINA categorically made it clear that CHINESE Warships will forcefully expel the indian navy warship from South CHINA Sea very soon.

india, who is humiliated globally multiple times by PAKISTANI and CHINESE Forces on different frontiers, has now tried to further destabilize the region by deploying its naval assets in the South CHINA sea, which is the legal maritime territory of PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA.

The step has drawn a huge response from Beijing by terming as the Attack on the Sovereignty by incompetent and coward indian security forces.

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The implications of presence of indian naval assets in CHINESE maritime frontiers are quite bigger, as india wickedly trying to block the crucial maritime transit straits of Malacca. Now, CHINESE Warship will put sanity to indian navy by forcefully expelling the indian navy from the area.

A Beijing based Naval Expert, Li Jie said, “The possibility that india will escalate adventurous actions in the South CHINA Sea cannot be ruled out. This could entail participating in joint exercises in the South CHINA Sea with the US. india might even send an aircraft carrier to the region in the future. CHINA must first of all express firm opposition to the indian navy’s presence in the South CHINA Sea. Both the US and india are extraterritorial powers. Any of their military activities in the South CHINA Sea will jeopardize regional security and stability.”

“india should have a clear estimation of itself. India’s strength and capabilities at sea are dwarfed by those of CHINA’s. But as the US intensifies its containment on CHINA and promotes the Indo-Pacific Strategy, India has acted like a fox assuming the majesty of the tiger. new delhi hopes to rely on US power to exert pressure on CHINA, and it has now actively cooperated with the US Indo-Pacific strategy in order to convince the US that it’s a useful pawn that can cause trouble for CHINA,” Li Jie further added in the statement.

“CHINA doesn’t have to worry a lot but needs to keep vigilant and monitor the indian warship’s moves. If india sails its warship into CHINA’s 12-nautical mile territorial sea, it would lead to serious results. However, if indian naval vessels only sail on the high seas, CHINA only needs to keep up stiff surveillance. But if it provocatively sails within 12 nautical miles of CHINA’s South CHINA Sea islands and reefs, I believe CHINA will take countermeasures to safeguard its core interests, and india will not be able to bear the consequences,” Li warned india.

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It is important to mention that CHINESE Navy has seriously objected the illegal presence of indian navy in the South CHINA Sea since 2009. But, the indian navy, who is known for the being the most incompetent naval force of the world, has deliberately tried to destabilize the region due to its illegal actions in the region.

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