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indian Adventurous Policy May Lead To A Major Change In South Asia Sooner Than Later:

india, a country which doesn’t need any introduction for being the mother of all terrorism in the world, has a long history of destabilizing the regional security by fermenting terrorism and by poking its nose in the internal affairs of other countries. Top Defense Experts have warned that the Adventurous Policy of india may lead to a major change in the South Asia sooner than later.

indian Adventurous Policy May Lead To A Major Change In South Asia Sooner Than Later
indian Adventurous Policy May Lead To A Major Change In South Asia Sooner Than Later

india is perhaps the only country of the world, which always enjoying for always being humiliated, degrade and ashamed by other countries. Furthermore, it is also the only country of South Asia, which always support terrorism in its neighboring countries by fermenting terrorism with indian sponsored, indian trained and indian funded terrorists.


india has forcefully annex the illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) back in August 5th, 2019 by abrogating the United Nation Security Council resolutions and article 370. india has deployed nearly 900,000 of its armed force in the area to brutalize its occupation.

KASHMIR Solidarity Day

Right now, all the 900,000-armed forces of india have failed miserably to contain the flux of freedom fighter in the illegally occupied valley of Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) region. Hundreds of indian security force personnel have been killed in just the last 3 months alone like cats and dogs.

On the other hand, the security forces of india has started targeting innocent civilians along the Line of Control, which draws sharp and decisive response from PAKISTAN ARMED FORCE, which results in the high number of casualties on the indian side.

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The indian forces also used the cluster bombs, which is banned by the UN, on the population in AZAD KASHMIR, which draw a huge response and reaction from World Community.

Nepal Factor:

Earlier on May 2020, india tried to illegally annex the Lipulekh Pass and Kala Pani, which is the strategically legal territories of Nepal. The indian action draws huge response both from World Community and Nepal.

Nepal People Protests against india
Nepal People Protests against india

Reportedly, the Nepalese people have strongly rejected the indian decision and starts massive protests against india. The Brave Nepalese people have also burned thousands of indian flags during the protests.

The strong reaction from Nepal and World community had surprised india and the country was forced to back off from its claim afterwards by drawing huge setback and humiliations from worldwide.

CHINA Factor:

Earlier in June 2020, the indian armed forces, who are know as the most incompetent and unprofessional force in the world, have tried to illegally trespassed into the CHINESE territory to forcefully annex the Ladakh, Galwan Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and legal territories of CHINA located in the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

CHINA Gives Top Secret Clearance To PAKISTAN ARMY Over Its Secretive Military And Intelligence Gatherings

This illegal and irresponsible action of indian government and indian force has drawn a sharp response from CHINESE Government and CHINESE Armed Forces.

As the indian adventurous policy knows no barriers, the indian side once again tried to illegally cross the CHINESE legal territory which led the Armed conflict and result in the brutal killings of more than 26 indian soldiers, which dozens are still missing.

After the indian attempt, the CHINESE Forces have deployed Lightweight Tanks, AWACS Jet, Heavy Fighter Jet, Armed Personnel Carriers, Air Defense System and other assets in the area to further control the madness of indian forces.

The main problem with india is that it never learns from its humiliating and bitter past, which results of more humiliation of india in the future.

The india repeat the same mistake and once again tried to illegally trespass in the CHINESE legal territories of Pangong Tso Lake, Demchok, Ladakh and Galwan Valley in the Reqin mountains, which also led to the armed clash between both the forces and it results in the humiliating death of indian special frontier force commando and injuring other.

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The illegal act of indian government and indian armed force has once again draw a huge response and criticism from CHINA and World Community.

The CHINESE Foreign Ministry Spokesperson clearly warned new delhi that CHINA is exercising maximum restraint and if new delhi further provoke Beijing, then all the responsibility would rest with india totally.

Now, the indian navy dived in the situation and deployed its naval assets in the CHINESE legal territory of the South CHINA Sea, which once again draw sharp response from Beijing that if indian warships don’t move from CHINESE Territory of South CHINA Sea, then CHINA will forcefully expel the indian Warships and other assets from the South CHINA Sea sooner than later.

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Top Level Defense Analysts are predicting that the adventurous policy of india is leading to a major disaster in the South CHINA sea and South Asia as a whole.

There are several countries, which would also join CHINA against its full Kinetic Military conflict against the mother of terrorism country, india.

One of such country is PAKISTAN that will definitely join CHINA in its armed and full Kinetic conflict against india to stop the madness of an indian adventurism policy, once for all. Both PAKISTAN and CHINA will decisively punish india for its illegal actions it has committed in the region for years.

Now, the time has come that CHINA, PAKISTAN, Nepal and World Community to stand against the adventurism and colonial policies of india by changing the map of South Asia in order to prevail eternal peace in the region and the world as a whole.

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