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Fierce Clashes Between CHINESE and Coward indian Soldiers Started on Disputed Ladakh’s Border:

More worries for the coward indian security forces as the india’s another rival CHINESE and india had a prolonged clashes and confrontation in the disputed Ladakh region. The clashes were started between the armed forces of CHINA and the coward indian security forces on Wednesday near the disputed Ladakh region.

CHINA india scuffle
CHINA india scuffle

The clashes between the two rival armed forces began on the 134 KM long Pangong lake, which is located on the northern bank in the disputed Ladakh region.

It is important to mention that Ladakh is an occupied territory between CHINA and india for decades.

The coward indian government and coward indian security forces illegally annex the disputed territory of Ladakh along with the illegal annexation of the disputed indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir region.

Due to the illegal annexation of the indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir region, india’s decades long arch rival PAKISTAN as strongly condemned and protest the illegal and inhumane indian action in the occupied Jammu and Kashmir territory.

PAKISTAN has announced that it will exercise all the step to internationalize the Kashmir dispute in front of the whole world. PAKISTAN has also started the preparation for a full-scale war with the india and all the preparations have already been made near the volatile Line of Control.

On the other hand, the coward and the terrorist indian government also illegally annex the Ladakh region, which is a disputed territory between CHINA and india. Both CHINA and PAKISTAN have categorically rejected the illegal indian action and said that it may threaten the overall regional stability and security.

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Now, CHINA is still declaring the Ladakh as its own region and the CHINESE Security Forces regularly patrol the region.

When the CHINESE security forces found the coward indian forces patrolling the region, then fierce clashes erupted between the two parties,  as a result hundreds of coward indian soldiers injured in the clashes.

It is important to mention that the CHINESE armed forces and coward indian armed have previously engaged in the fierce clashes the Doklam region, which is claimed mutually by CHINA and Bhutan.

In 2017, When CHINA wants to make a road in the region, indian which claims proclaimed superpower of the region, send its forces in the Doklam region to stop the construction of CHINESE road in the area.

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This has resulted the major scuffle and clashes between the armed forces of the two countries, which lasted for several months.

In the last 2017 clashes, CHINA has also warned the full-scale invasion on india over the issue.

Due to this threat, the coward indian government and coward indian security forces conceded its humiliated defeat and withdraw all its forces from the Doklam region.

It was the utter humiliation of the coward indian security forces, which is not a new thing for them, as they have become used to it. After that, CHINA again started the project and completes the proposed road in the region.

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Now, it’s 2019 and now the security forces of both the countries also engaged in the fierce clashes again and the outcome of these clashes would also be not quite different than the previous one.

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