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PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA Unveils FH-97 Concept Combat Drone As The Competitor Of US Loyal Wingman At Air Show In Zhuhai:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA unveils the drone concept named as FH-97 Concept Combat Drone that is potential competitor to the United States Loyal Wingman or XQ-58A Valkyrie at the CHINA’s biggest Airshow being held in Zhuhai, CHINA.

FH-97 Concept Combat Drone
FH-97 Concept Combat Drone

CHINA has named the drone as FH-97 Drone that is fully capable to carry a different range of lethal weapons to unleash fury to the hostile air and ground-based targets.

The CHINESE FH-97 Drone, a competitor of US XQ-58A Valkyrie or Loyal Wingman Drone, is also fully capable of performing state of the art and hi-tech electronic warfare and counter-electronic warfare capabilities.

“The long-range FH-97 drone concept unveiled on Wednesday can carry different types of weapons, and has swarm and electronic warfare capabilities,” a representative of CHINA Aerospace Science Technology Corp’s (CASTC) Feihong product line, Wu Wei said.

Mr. Wu Wei did not disclose the additional features of CHINESE FH-97 Combat Drone that is being displayed at the Airshow CHINA in Zhuhai.

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A number of countries have shown tremendous interest in US Loyal Wingman or XQ-58A Valkyrie Combat Drone to help protect their costlier fighter jets in combat and surveillance operations.

The CHINA Aerospace Science Technology Corp’s or CASTC also did not reveal the additional details of the FH-97 Concept Drone, nor does it say whether the new drone is planned for export.

As far as the features and specs of CHINESE FH-97 Concept Combat Drone is concerned; it exhibits the same features as of Loyal Wingman or XQ-58A Valkyrie drone, which made its first flight back in 2019.

The Vice President of CHINA Aerospace Science Technology Corp’s (CASTC) said that the plan was to turn Feihong into an “international top-notch brand… and become a major player at the center stage of the world arena.”

It is pertinent to mention that the potential customer of CHINA’s next generation Concept Combat Drone FH-97 is PAKISTAN.

A defense research fellow with Singapore’s Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Collin Koh said, “The chief customer is certainly the PLA, but in recent years the CHINESE are also aggressively marketing these systems for exports.”


CHINA has previously exported the Combat Drones to different friendly and allied countries, including PAKISTAN, Serbia and the UAE.

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