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CHINA Unveils Hi-Tech GJ-11 Next Generation Stealth Combat Drone At Airshow in Zhuhai”:

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA has showcased is hi-tech and Next Gen Stealth Combat Drone named as GJ-11 at one of the biggest Airshow in Zhuhai.

CHINA Unveils Hi-Tech GJ-11 Next Generation Stealth Combat Drone At Airshow in Zhuhai
CHINA Unveils Hi-Tech GJ-11 Next Generation Stealth Combat Drone At Airshow in Zhuhai

PAKISTAN Iron Brother CHINA regularly showcased its cutting-edge and hi-tech weapons in the biggest air shows. The GJ-11 is one of the drones that CHINA has showcased at the Airshow.

The GJ-11 features two different weapon bays that open for the first time for visitors. Each weapon bay is armed with the four unidentified munitions that looks like the precision and hi-tech air-to-air and air-to-ground glide bombs.

CHINA has a first time showcased its state of the art GJ-11 Next Gen Stealth Combat Drone in the biggest CHINESE Airshow in Zhuhai.

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This is the very first time that CHINA has unveiled the lethal munitions of HJ-11 to the public, since the first appearing of drone at the National Military Parade held in Beijing on October 1, 2019.

A specialist on Asian aerospace and defense, Bradley Perrett said, GJ-11 was designed to slip undetected through radar coverage and attack heavily defended targets.”

“In doing that, it would take the place of a much larger and more expensive fighter with a pilot. Development won’t be easy, but when it’s complete the type will present a new threat to Taiwan and potentially Japan,” he added.

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The different CHINESE Defense companies have showcased at least 27 different variants of Stealth, Combat and Surveillance Drones at the Zhuhai Airshow.

In the Airshow in Zhuhai, the hall of the CHINESE state owned Aviation Industry Corporation of CHINA or AVIC exhibits the scale model of “20” Aircraft family, including the J-20 Stealth Long Range Fighter Jet, Z-20 Utility Helicopter and Y-20 Large Military Transport Aircraft, along with the GJ-11 long range stealth armed drone.

A CHINESE Military Expert, Zhang Xuefeng said, “The GJ-11 also belongs to the “20” aircraft family and it is one of the most advanced stealth attack drones.”

“The aircraft uses a flying wing design with high stealth capability and has high subsonic cruise efficiency. Despite a small body, it has a long range,” he added.

“In a mission, the GJ-11 can likely carry multiple types of precision ammunitions, including larger ones that will not be on display at the air show,” Zhang added in the statement.

The CHINESE Next Generation GJ-11 Stealth Long Range Armed Drone can penetrate deep into the enemy territory and launch precision air-to-air and air-to-ground strike with its hidden internal weapons bay.

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