Former indian paramilitary Female Officer Alleges That Women Are Inducted in filthy indian forces Only For Sexual Pleasure:

It is an undeniable fact that all the coward, filthy and cow pisses drinker indian forces will remain the filthiest shit and scumbag of this earth. In a recent development of indian forces utter humiliation, a female indian paramilitary officer alleges that the filthy indian forces induct women in the forces only for sexual pleasure and intimacy needs.


The shocking revelations revealed by the Deputy Commandant of the Indo-Tibet Border Police Karuna Jeet Kaur, who has now resigned from the filthy indian paramilitary forces. Former deputy commander Karuna Jeet Kaur joined the filthy paramilitary forces five years ago and she was deployed at the millari post between june 9-10, when this sexual assault happens.

Narrating the whole incident of the sexual assault, Karuna jeet kaur has said that one constable came to my personal room and asking for sexual favor by saying that ‘he has not touched a girl since the last two years, please come to me’. Commander Karuna  Jeet Kaur said that the constable was repeating these words again and again. The Deputy Commandant of Border Police Karuna Jeet Kaur runs towards the door after this sexual assault and complained the seniors about this incident.

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The former deputy commandant Karuna Jeet kaur said that when I tell my filthy seniors about the incident, then they asked me to ‘don’t try to say anything to anyone, keep your mouth shut and have a nice sleep’.

Karuna Jeet Kaur said that neither the senior level filthy officers nor the filthy battalion commandant took any swift and satisfactory action over this grave sexual assault incident.


Former deputy commandant Karuna further added that when none of my senior took notice of this sexual assault, then I was forced to lodge a First Inspection Report (FIR) at the local police station and now the FIR has been registered and the matter is now in the court.

Former Commandant Karuna Jeet Kaur further said that I don’t think that the Justice would prevail and she further added that women are recruited in all the filthy indian forces just only for sexual gratification.

“If a low-rank filthy indian soldier like constable can easily hold the hand of a deputy commander and asked for the sexual favor, then everyone can easily judge the level of respect given to the women in this or other force,” former deputy commander Jeet Kaur further added.

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Former deputy commandant Jeet Kaur further said, “The low-rank constable eagerly hold my hand even knowing that I was equal to the rank of major and if this situation reverses as a senior level filthy indian officer hold the hand of a low-rank women soldier asking for sexual pleasure, then you can easily judge the rest of the situation.”


The former deputy commandant Karuna Jeet Kaur further added that all the filthy senior officers, Battalion Commandant and the filthy DIG himself harassed her in different heinous ways before being sent on a leave. She further alleged that all the officers of the filthy indian forces commit this heinous act as a regular practice and they tried to stop and harass me just because they don’t want the truth to be revealed.

The former deputy commandant further said that I wear the uniform of the filthy indian forces by thought myself as a ‘genderless soldier’, but the situation is totally reversed in the real. In the end, she requested all the other women soldiers of the filthy indian forces that all the indian forces are running by the dogs and it is better to quit your job rather than to be used as a sexual slaves by your filthy senior officers.   

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The Former deputy commandant Karuna Jeet Kaur further said that She is receiving death threats and she might sooner get killed in some pre-made and well-thought accident by those filthy officers, whom she had exposed their real dirty and filthy faces in front of the whole world.

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