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CHINA Exposes the Dirty and Sinister Role of india and US to Put PAKISTAN On FATF Blacklist:

PAKISTAN’s all-Weather Ally and Brother CHINA has exposed the dirty and sinister role of india and US in the FATF to put PAKISTAN on the FATF blacklist. The Financial Action Task Force, simply known as the FATF is basically an intergovernmental organization founded in 1980’s to devise policies to combat money laundering and terror financing.

UK behind Terror Activities in Karachi

The Deputy-General for Policy Planning of Asian Affairs in the CHINESE Foreign Ministry Yao Wen exposes the sinister role of india and US to put ISLAMABAD on blacklist. Yao Wen further said on the occasion that CHINA is firmly standing with PAKISTAN and it would blocked all the covert and overt attempts of india and US to include ISLAMABAD in the Blacklist of Financial Task Force.

PAKISTAN’s Iron Brother CHINA categorically announced that CHINA did not want the FATF forum to be used or politicized the FATF body to pursue their political agenda of putting ISLAMABAD on the body’s Blacklist.

Moreover, Yao Wen further said that CHINA has categorically made it clear on the india and US that CHIAN cannot tolerate and be a part of this misconduct, which are against the basic norms and purpose of the FATF organization.

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He further said that FATF job is not to pursue any country in the Blacklist, but to support it to take appropriate action against money laundering and terror financing.

The Top Level CHINESE Official said that PAKISTAN is aggressively pursuing its National Action Plan (NAP), and PAKISTAN’s Strategic Ally CHINA would encourage it to strengthen its framework.

The Top Level CHINESE Diplomat also lauded the establishment of the dedicated CPEC Authority by the ISLAMABAD and he further hoped that the establishment of the CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Authority would help to accelerate the development works on mega CPEC projects.

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