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Is Nagaland Going To Be Another Sieged indian Occupied Kashmir?

The coward indian forces can’t wait to be humiliated by the world due to their petty and coward acts. The total Lockdown and siege in KASHMIR has now entered the 84th consecutive day and yet the coward indian forces are afraid to lift the siege for the fear of their lives. In a recent development, the restive indian state of Nagaland is also witnessing the unprecedented security measures by the coward and humiliated indian forces.

Angami Zapu Phizo Naga Father
Angami Zapu Phizo Naga Father

The large scale security measures in another indian restive state of Nagaland implies that the terrorist and coward modi-led indian government also planning the total lockdown and siege of Nagaland by the coward indian forces.

Nagaland Flag Feature Image
Nagaland Flag

It is important to mention that Nagaland is one of the restive state among dozens other demanding the secession of Nagaland from the fragile indian union and they wanted to create their own homeland free from the filth of hindu zionists.

The coward indian forces have started a lot of military activity in the area alarming the local residents as such military measures haven’t taken place in the past 30 years of so.

Brave Naga People holding the Flag of Newly Created Country of Nagaland
Brave Naga People holding the Flag of Newly Created Country of Nagaland

It is important to mention that there has been a dialogue going on between the six different Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) and the coward indian government and October 31st is the supposed deadline of any proposed agreements between the two negotiating parties.

The recent indian acts in Nagaland clearly implies that indian government negotiations with Nagaland could not prove to be fruitful and the local Naga people wouldn’t accept the agreement at all cost. So the coward indian forces have started to impose the brute force against the peaceful local Naga People in the restive state of Nagaland.

Nagaland Army
Nagaland Army

The coward indian forces have also started the preparations at mass scale to counter any expected protests from the local Brave Naga People against the fragile indian union. Moreover, the local pro-indian administration of Nagaland has cancelled all the leaves of the security officials in the area except the medical leaves with immediate effect.

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Furthermore, the local Naga Administration also instructed all the concerned local coward security officials to recall all the coward officers immediately in their designated posts, units and stations.

Naga National Socialist Council Armed Rebels in Action
Naga National Socialist Council Armed Armed Soldiers

This is all drama started on October 21st when the secret wireless message leaked from the office of the local chief minister’s office in Kohima. The local chief minister instructing all the officials of district to stay in their designated headquarters and wait for the next announcement.

Another thing that adds more fuel to this incident as the local pro-indian government officials in restive Nagaland state directed all the coward security force and local police force to immediately stock fuel and rations for at least two months on an urgent basis by keeping in view the recent ongoing “fluid situation” in the restive state.

It is important to mention that the restive indian state Nagaland doesn’t accept the india as a unified country and Nagaland has its own National Anthem and its own Armed Forces, which are equipped with modern lethal weapons.

The local Naga People doesn’t accept india as their country and want to create their own separate country of Nagaland free from the filth and interference of  hindutva and hindu zionists.

Nagaland Army Parade
Nagaland Army Parade

The Nagaland is one of the most fragile indian state demanding secession from the fragile indian union.

This is the second indian state after the Tripura to welcome the rise of armed movement against the coward forces as the Naga National Council (NNC) declared its independence on 16th August, 1947, right after the one day after the independence of india.

The coward indian forces have started to impose the total lockdown in the state by controlling their positions in all the entry and exit point of the state. Moreover, the indian media also revealed that the coward indian forces have started the flight of the fighter aircrafts over the state from more than six civilian airports. The coward indian air force terms the recent fighter deployment in the area as the ‘wartime preparedness drill.’

national-socialist-council-of-nagaland-Army Headquarter
Nagaland Army Headquarter

Moreover, all the indian forces in the restive indian state as the coward indian army and assam rifles have been directed to remain on all time red alert by keeping in view the recent fragile situation in india’s northeastern states.

With all these unprecedented security measures, all the Naga people are speculating that the coward and the terrorist modi government is planning to impose the indian Occupied KASHMIR style complete curfew and lockdown of the Nagaland state.

A local Naga Student is asking, “Is it true that an indefinite curfew will be imposed in Nagaland very soon?”

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“We have also heard that Nagaland would cease to enjoy the special provisions and all the leaders who don’t accept the accord would be sent to Tihar jail. Are all these true?” the local Naga Students further added.

The unprecedented and never seen before large scale security measures in the past nearly three decades prompting the local population to start stocking up the food, fuel and other supplies. The local people feared that the coward indian forces will turn Nagaland into as another indian occupied KASHMIR on this earth.

The deadline of the negotiations of the political parties of Nagaland and the terrorist indian government is the coming October 31st. All the local communities and local people in Nagaland is hopeful for the best, but they’ve also started to prepare themselves for the worst.

Furthermore, the indian media reveals that the last meeting between the National Socialist Council of Nagalim and the indian government failed to reach a logical conclusion between the two negotiating parties.

Reportedly, all the six Naga Political Parties are strictly adamant in their demands for a separate constitution and a separate Flag for Nagaland and they’ve clearly refused to accept the indian flag and indian constitution.

On the other hand, the local separatist people have started to protest against the ongoing talks between the Naga National Socialist Council and indian center government.

The Naga National Socialist Council is demanding a Greater Nagaland with full autonomy and full rights, whereas the terrorist indian government clearly refused to accept any demand of local Naga people.

Nagaland Army Women Soldiers
Nagaland Army Women Soldiers

The recent fragility of the situation expressed by the Editor of Naga-Based Tabloid as,” There is patrolling everywhere in Dimapur, people are being frisked. Dimapur has practically emptied out in the last couple of days, there are none of the usual traffic jams.”

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Notably, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) is the largest well-trained and well-equipped rebel group operating in the northeastern indian states.

The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) is consisted of more than 4000 well-trained soldiers armed with modern, up to date and sophisticated lethal weapons. Reportedly, this is the most lethal armed insurgent group of india and the indian media has termed them as the “mother of all insurgent outfits in the region.”

According the reports from the reliable source, the well-armed and well-trained soldiers of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) vows to fight and brutally kill the coward indian security forces till the indian forces forced to bow to their demands.

Reportedly, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) has shifted all its soldiers, weapons and other assets from the different camps and units. Moreover, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) also shifted its Headquarter known as Camp Hebron, which is located near Dimapur to an undisclosed location.

Reportedly, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) also started to recruit thousands of volunteers in the organization to fight the aggression of coward indian forces.

The local Naga People vow to fully co-operate with all the insurgent groups to defeat the coward indian forces in the state.

The coward indian forces could impose total curfew in Nagaland on the eve of October 30 – October 31st. Top Defense Analysts are predicting that Nagaland would be the last nail in the coffin of fragile indian union, as the Naga People are very good fighter and they’ve trained how to fight the aggression in the best possible manner.

Now, one can easily connect the dots, as more than 900,000 coward  indian forces are already in indian occupied KASHMIR, 400,000 coward indian soldiers are on the fragile Line of Control between PAKISTAN and india.

Now, the coward indian forces are planning to deploy at least 400,000 – 500,000 additional coward troops in the Nagaland. It means all the indian forces are already engaged in these three areas and now its not the rocket science to predict the ultimate end of the fragile indian union in the coming months.

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