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indian government Shut Down the Jammu & KASHMIR State Human Rights Commission (SHRC):

It is an undeniable fact that all the coward indian forces were, are and will remain the filthiest scumbag of this earth and that’s for sure. In a recent development; the indian government has shut down up to seven different indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Commission, including all those commission dealings with the Human Rights situation in the valley of indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

indian government Shut Down the Jammu & KASHMIR State Human RIghts Commission (SHRC)
indian government Shut Down the Jammu & KASHMIR State Human Rights Commission (SHRC)

According to the report from the reliable sources, the indian government has shut down seven different Human Rights Commission in the lockdown state of indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOK).

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The name of the seven Human Rights Commission are State Information Commission (SIC), Jammu & Kashmir State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), State Commissions for Persons and Disabilities (SCPwD), State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission (SCDRC), State Accountability Commission and State Commission for Protection of Women and Child Rights (SCPWCR).

All of these seven above mentioned Human Rights Commission are asked to immediately halt all their operations and working in the lockdown valley of indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir and report to the government departments with immediate effect.

It is important to mention that the total curfew and lockdown of indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOK) has entered in the 84th consecutive day and all the communication network, transport, mobile and internet services are suspended in the indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir valley for the almost past three long months.

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The coward indian forces are still fear to lift the curfew from the valley over the fear of the lives.

On the other side, PAKISTAN LAND FORCES, NAVAL FORCES and AEROSPACE FORCES have started the preparations on a mass scale for a full-scale kinetic war with the coward neighbor india over the Kashmir issue. All the Tri-Forces of PAKISTAN have made all the necessary arrangements over the issue.

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