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More Than 10 Coward indian soldiers Killed During Search Operation in Rajouri District Of iOKJ&K:

In a recent development, more than 10 coward indian soldiers dispatched to hell in an attack by the Brave Freedom Fighters in Rajouri district of indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir. According to the details, the convoy of coward indian soldiers was attacked by Brave Kashmiri Freedom Fighters when they launch search operation in Rajouri district of indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K).

During the attack by Brave Kashmiri Freedom Fighters, two convoy trucks of indian soldiers completely destroyed, which resulted in the killing of more than 10 coward indian soldiers on the spot. Reportedly, the coward indian soldiers ran away from their convoy by leaving their weapons behind during the gruesome attack by Brave Kashmiri Freedom Fighters.

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The total siege and lockdown of the indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) has entered its 155th consecutive day and yet the coward indian security forces are afraid to their neck to lift the siege due to the fear of the expected reaction of the Brave Kashmiri Brethren.

The indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (iOJ&K) has been totally cut off from the rest of the world and its all communication channels, media and internet have been shut down by the indian government for the past nearly three months.

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On the other hand, the Brave and Valiant Tri-Armed Forces of Great PAKISTAN have fully prepared themselves to go to a full scale kinetic war with its coward and filthy neighbor india over the disputed Kashmir issue.

PAKISTAN ARMY, PAKISTAN NAVY and PAKISTAN AIR FORCE have completed the necessary drills to optimize the offensive capabilities of PAKISTAN ARMED FORCES and they are round the clock ready and armed to teeth to give befitting response to its coward and filthy neighbor india with an iron fist, if they dare any misadventure against this Sacred Piece of Land, PAKISTAN, INSHALLAH.

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