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More Humiliations for india As Pro-PAKISTAN Posters With DG ISPR Message Surfaced Across indian Occupied KASHMIR:

The coward and terrorist indian government and coward indian security forces have embraced more humiliation as Pro-PAKISTAN Posters with DG ISPR Message surfaced all across indian Occupied KASHMIR.

DG ISPR Posters in indian occupied Kashmir
DG ISPR Posters Surfaced in indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir

The Pro-PAKISTAN posters were placed by the Pro-PAKISTAN Freedom Fighters. The posters were filled with the DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor’s Message “fight till the last soldiers and the last bullet for the Brave People of indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Posters also carry the Long-life Prayers for the PAKISTAN Military Wing Spokesperson.

The posters were surfaced in all the major cities of the indian occupied Kashmir as the coward indian government and indian security forces have placed a total curfew in the valley.


Meanwhile, the Pro-PAKISTAN Hurriyat Freedom fighter staged a strong protest in the indian occupied Kashmir against the brutalities of the occupant coward indian security forces.

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The Brave Kashmiri People announced in the protest that the People of Kashmir would push out the filth of the indian security forces from their sacred homeland, which is considered as the Paradise on Earth. The Kashmiri Protestors said on the occasion, “The paradise cannot be an abode of brute Indian forces.”

The recent saga of Pro-PAKISTAN Posters in indian occupied Kashmir is the utter embarrassment and humiliation of all the humiliated and coward indian security forces and coward indian government.

The whole valley was under the draconian curfew for the last 30 days and still, the brave and Valiant KASHMIRI Brethren non only managed to place Pro-PAKISTAN Banners across the whole indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir.

Moreover, they also manage to raise their voice in a protest against the brutalities of the coward indian security forces in the valley.

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A former indian General Lt Gen (r) Syed Ata Husnain also praised the information warfare strategy of PAKISTAN ARMY against india and he clearly acknowledged that PAKISTAN ARMY has totally outclass and humiliated the entire indian army and indian security forces in the domain of information warfare.

Lt Gen (r) Syed Ata Husnain was addressing at the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in the UK and said, “I want to give full marks to the ISPR for the information strategy it has played out.

The ISPR did an outstanding work for Pakistan by ensuring detailed alienation of Kashmiris against Indian armed forces and the indian nation,” adding, “If anyone has ever taught us [India] about the information operation it was the ISPR… it has done a splendid job.”

Earlier, the coward and clown indian army chief General bipin rawat also raised his serious concerns and fear over the PAKISTAN ARMY’s Strategy on Information Warfare against the coward indian security forces and government.

The coward and clown indian army chief also revealed the several incidents of leaking out the “sensitive operational information” of a top secret meeting of the coward indian commanders.

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This is undeniable fact that all the coward indian security forces and the indian government will remain coward, humiliated, ashamed, and embarrassed all the time and no one can change this fact a bit whatsoever.

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