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PAKISTANI Security Agencies Have Arrested Another RAW and NDS Agent From Torkham Border:

PAKISTAN Security Agencies have embraced a huge victory as they managed to arrest the RAW and NDS agent from the Torkhan border while entering into PAKISTAN from Afghanistan.

filthy and swine umar dawar with filthy indian flag
filthy and swine umar dawar with filthy indian flag

The swine RAW and NDS agent name is umar dawar and he possesses dual nationality too. The swine and bastard NDS and RAW agent umar dawar was involved in the several Anti-State Activities against the state of PAKISTAN.

The swine and umar dawar has also travelled to india for over 5 times and the swine and bastard umar dawar also raised the banned outfit Pashtun Liberation Army (PLA) to harm and discredit the state institution of PAKISTAN on the behest of indian and afghan hostile agencies.

The swine and bastard umar dawar, who belongs to KPK district Karak was spying for the india in PAKISTAN to create serious law and order situation in the country.

The Passports and identity cards of india and Afghanistan were recovered from the possession of bastard, swine and umar dawar at the time of his arrest.

The swine and the umar dawar was arrested on August 21 and was immediately moved to the undisclosed location for further investigation.

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The swine and bastard umar dawar is expected to spill the beans during the investigation and he will also named all the swine who helped him on his treacherous campaign against Great PAKISTAN and all those facilitators would also be dealt strictly under law very soon.

Passport of filthy and swine umar dawar
indian Passport of filthy and swine umar dawar

PAKISTANI Security Agencies have gained a lot of achievements in the recent year. Earlier, PAKISTANI Security Agencies have also managed to arrest another indian spy named as raju lakhsman. The indian spy raju lakhsman was arrested from the Rakhi Gaj Area near Dera Ghazi Khan on July 31.

Last Month, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested another indian spy from Gujranwala, who was living in PAKISTAN with a fake PAKISTANI identity Cards.

The arrested indian spy name as pancham tiwari and he is from banaras in india. The  swine pancham tiwari was living under the fake name of Bilal and fake identity cards of PAKISTAN.

Reports of the reliable sources are suggesting that indian spy pancham tiwari was living in PAKISTAN for the past decades.

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He married to a PAKISTANI Woman and has three kids also. During the investigation, he revealed that he was doing business with PAKISTANI businessman Kamran in 2009. He was influenced by Kamran and he converted to ISLAM.

Furthermore, the swine Kamran offered him a place to stay in PAKISTAN and he also offered the hand of her sister.

He also revealed during the investigation that he entered PAKISTAN via Karachi through the sea route and was facilitated by the human smuggling traffickers.

PAKISTAN Intelligence Agencies have made a history on March 24, 2016, when they arrested the On-Duty RAW agency Kalbushan Yadav from the soil of Balochistan, PAKISTAN.

The indian spy is the acting commander of the indian navy and was spying to create serious law and order in Balochistan ad to harm the CHINA PAKISTAN Economic Corridor (CPEC) Project.

During the investigation, the  swine indian spy kalbushan yadav categorically admits that india is behind all the terror activities in PAKISTAN and india is not only providing weapons, but also money to all the anti-state elements in PAKISTAN.

He was awarded the death sentence by the PAKISTAN Military Court and the COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa has also signed on the death warrant of indian monkey. Analysts are claiming that the kalbushan yadav will die a painful death by hanging in coming months.

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