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PAKISTAN NAVY Inducted Second State Of The Art 2300 Tons Corvette Vessel Into Its Arsenal:

By the Grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, the PAKISTAN NAVY has inducted the second cutting-edge and state of the art 2300 Tons Corvette Vessel into its arsenal. The launching ceremony of PAKISTAN’s Second State of the Art 2300 Tons Corvette was held in Romania and PAKISTAN NAVY Vice Admiral Athar Mukhtar was the Chief Guest of the ceremony.

These multi-purpose platforms are used to carry out different sensitive maritime operations, including maritime and security patrol.

During the occasion, the Chief Guest of the ceremony Vice Admiral Athar Mukhtar said that the addition of this state of the art 2300 Tons corvette equipped with latest cutting-edge technology will further help to boost and enhance the capability of PAKISTAN NAVY to defend Sacred maritime frontiers of the country.

The latest inducted 2300 Tons Corvette is equipped with the latest and cutting technology armaments and they have the space for the multi-purpose platforms of different size and tonnage.

This 2300 Tons Corvette is the second state of the art Corvette built by the Damen Shipyard Company based in Romania.

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The Vice Admiral of PAKISTAN NAVY Athar Mukhtar also appreciated the resolve and professionalism of Damen Shipyards in delivering the Second Corvette in just short span of time.

It is important to mention that PAKISTAN NAVY has ordered the construction of total 2 Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) 2300 Tons Corvettes to Damen Shipyards. PAKISTAN NAVY has inducted the very first 2300 Tons Corvette back to May 20, 2019.

PAKISTAN NAVY called these corvettes as the Multi-Mission Corvettes and it further said that PAKISTAN NAVY will use the newly acquired corvettes for different operations as maritime security operations, Anti-surface Operations, Anti-Air Operations, Intelligence Gathering Operations, Surveillance Operations, Combat Search and Rescue Operations and Day/Night Helicopter Rescue Operations.

PAKISTAN NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mehmood Abbasi categorically stated that PAKISTAN NAVY will configure the latest acquired corvettes with “indigenously developed SSMs (surface-to-surface missiles)” and “close-in-weapon-system, anti-aircraft guns, and a modern EW (electronic warfare) suite.”

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PAKISTAN Second 2300 Tons Corvette
PAKISTAN Second 2300 Tons Corvette

Furthermore, PAKISTAN NAVY could potentially equipped both the state of the art 2300 Tons Corvette with the latest and cutting-edge Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Capabilities and Mine Countermeasures (MCM).

After equipping the Corvette with the Anti-Ship Missiles, Anti-Air Missiles, Anti-Submarine Warfare Capability Mine Countermeasures the 2300 Tons Corvette could prove to be very lethal for all PAKISTAN’s Adversary operating in the sea.

PAKISTAN NAVY is planning to equip both the 2300 Tons corvettes with the Long-Range Harba Anti-Ship Cruise Missile, which PAKISTAN NAVY has successfully tested from the Azmat Class Fast Attack Craft PNS HIMMAT.

The Harba is a long-range Cruise missile and it has a total operational range up to 700 Kilometers. PAKISTAN NAVY has configured all its frigates and corvettes to host the Hara Anti-Ship Cruise Missile.

2300 Tons Corvette of PAKISTAN
2300 Tons Corvette of PAKISTAN

Earlier, PAKISTAN NAVY has also ordered the construction of 4 MILGEM ADA Class Corvettes to the TURKEY’s Military Factory and Shipyard Cooperation (ASFAT A.S).

According to the contract, 2 of the MILGEN Ada Class Corvettes would be built at Istanbul Naval Shipyard, while the other two would be constructed at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW).

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Under the contract, PAKISTAN will receive the complete Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights and Transfer of Technology for the manufacturing and designing of these state-of-the-art ships.

Soon, both the newly acquired 2300 Tons Corvettes will join the 4 MILGEM Ada Class Corvettes and with the induction of 4 MILGEM Ada Class Corvettes and 2 2300 Tons Corvette will make 2000 – 2500 Tons Ships and it will significantly boost the offensive capability of PAKISTAN NAVY against its arch-rival india.

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