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PAKISTAN Aviation Installed State Of The Art Mode-S Radar At Major Airports Across Country:

The Aviation Sector of PAKISTAN has made fundamental and significant progress by installing cutting-edge and state of the art Modern Radar System ‘Mode-S’ at major airports across the country. The recent move of PAKISTAN Aviation can be seen as the new proactive strategy in handling the flux of flights after doubling he air space routes in the country.

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The recent development of Mode-S Radar installation by PAKISTAN Aviation came after the formal approval of the Air Navigation Plan 2025 approved by the Executive Committee of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

The Aviation Sector of PAKISTAN started to implement the Air Navigation Plan 2025 after the phenomenal increase in its revenues up to 30% after increasing nearly doubling its airspace routes from 7 sectors to 14 sectors. 

The concerned authorities had also undertaken the construction of new runways at different airports in the country.

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Sources from reliable sources are suggesting that in coming days the Aviation Sector of PAKISTAN will witness the sharp rise in flights from different far flung areas of the world as Gulf Countries, Europe, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

The revenue of PAKISTAN International Airlines has seen a sharp rise in revenues after the resumption of major routes, including Islamabad, Lahore, Europe and UK.

The recent installation of the Mode-S Radar will help the authority for selective interrogation of designated airplanes. All the control tower at major airports in the country are being equipped with the latest and cutting-edge communication and surveillance technology under the continued Air Navigation Plan 2025 by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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