More Than 120 Coward indian Soldiers Killed In Clashes By Kashmiri Protesters:

More humiliations for the indian government and coward indian security forces, as the angry Kashmiri protesters killed more than 150 coward indian soldiers in a clash during the protest.

indian army coffin main

The coward indian security force uses brute force on the unarmed and innocent Kashmiri protesters, which result in the martyrdom of 2 Kashmiri. By seeing this, the Brave Kashmiri starts snatching weapons from the coward indian security forces and they start firing on indian soldiers with their own weapons.

As a result of firing by innocent Kashmiri protesters, more than 150 coward indian security forces met with their painful and humiliating death on the spot. A majority of the coward indian army soldiers manages to flee from the scene by leaving their weapons behind, just to save their humiliated lives.

This is the second incident in the current months that the Kashmiri protesters have snatched weapons from the occupied indian security force and kill them with their own bullets on the spot.

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The total lockdown of the indian Occupied Kashmir has entered into the 29th day and the coward and terrorist indian government is still reluctant to lift the curfew in the occupied Valley.=

The coward indian government and coward indian security forces are facing a backlash from different countries of the world over their illegal and inhumane acts they are doing in Kashmir.

PAKISTAN, which is also a major stakeholder in indian occupied Kashmir, have also started the mass preparation of a full-scale and high threshold war with the coward indian government and coward indian forces.

All the Services Chiefs of PAKISTAN’s Armed, Naval and Air Forces have shown their will, resolve, determination and morale for the upcoming war with the coward india. Now, the coward and the terrorist indian government will have to face the consequences of all the illegal acts it has allowed in indian occupied Kashmir.

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