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Afghan Taliban Killed Third US Green Beret Special Forces Soldier In A Week:

The United States has to bear the loss of another highly trained Green Beret Special Forces Soldier in Afghanistan. The latest US Special Forces casualty occurred in Afghanistan’s Zabul Province on Thursday Aug 29, 2019.

Slain US Green Beret SFC-Ard-Dustin
Slain US Green Beret SFC-Ard-Dustin

The slain US Green Beret soldier has been identified as the Sgt. 1st Class Dustin Ard, aged 31, died from critical wounds sustained during the combat operation with the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan’s Zabul Province.

GREEN BERET Coffins in Afghanistan
GREEN BERET Coffins in Afghanistan

The Sgt. 1st Class Dustin Ard was born in in Idaho and enlisted in the Hyde Part, Utah. He was assigned to the second Battalion of 1st Special Forces Group at Washington’s Joint Base of Lewis-McChord.

The latest news of the US Special Forces Green Beret Soldier comes after the brutal killing of two Green Beret Special Forces Soldiers Master Sgt. Jose Gonzalez and Master Sgt. Jose Gonzalez. Both of the US Special Forces soldiers killed in the firefight with the Taliban last week.

It is pertinent to mention that Green Berets are the highly trained Special Forces of the United States and the several killings of the US Green Beret Special Forces soldiers just in one week clearly implies that US has totally lost the security situation in Afghanistan and all the US conventional and special forces have failed miserably.

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The latest casualty of US Special Forces soldier occurred one day after the announcement of Trump that US will keep more than 8,600 Troops in Afghanistan after bringing down the strength of Troop from 14,000 service members.

More of the Troops were helping the local Afghan authorities and security forces to conduct the counter-terrorism operations.

The rag tag Militia of Afghan Taliban has killed thousands of US conventional and Special Forces soldiers of US and allied forces since the occupation of US forces in Afghanistan back in 2001.

In a recent move, the United States President Donald has also barred the national security advisor Bolton to further take part in Afghan Peace Talks by any means whatsoever.

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This is an undeniable fact that the major warring party in Afghanistan the United States has miserably failed in Afghanistan even after using the brute military force and spending trillions of dollars in war-torn Afghanistan.

This is the reason that now the United States is being forced to hold negotiations with the Afghan Taliban as the major stakeholders and both parties are now negotiating the possible way to end the nearly 2 decades Afghan conflict peacefully through dialogue.

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