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Italian Lethal Arms Export to PAKISTAN Increases Upto Four-Folds in Just One Year:

It is a fact that all the countries of the World change its priorities and reliance on other countries and formed new alliances due to the rapidly changing geostrategic and geopolitical situation of the world. This is the reason that the Defense Cooperation between PAKISTAN and Italy has started a few years ago and the Defense Relations of Both the friendly countries have significantly increased in the past few years. In a recent development, the Italian Arms Exports to PAKISTAN has significantly increased up to four times in just one year.


Last Month the Italian Government released the “Report on the Authorized Transactions Carried for Export, Import and Transit Control of Armament Materials,”

According to this report, the Italian Defense Exports to PAKISTAN jumped from just $194 Million back in 2017 to a whooping $762 million in 2018. It means that the Arms Export to PAKISTAN have increased four folds in just one single year.

With a whooping $762 million increase in exports, PAKISTAN has now become the Second Largest Arms Importer from Italy after Qatar, which stood at $2.1 Billion. Reportedly, PAKISTAN has made several important Defense Deals with Italy in the past few years.

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PAKISTAN has purchased several lethal Arms from Italy, including the Augusta Westland 139 Helicopters or AW130 Helicopters. The AW139 Helicopter is a Utility Cum Military Helicopter that suits PAKISTAN’s geostrategic locations.

The sale of the Augusta Helicopter was announced by the Italian Defense Giant Leonardo back in April 2018. The Italian Defense Giant Leonardo also opens its office in Islamabad to further accommodate the Defense Cooperation between the two friendly countries.

Augusta Westland AW139 Helicopter in PAKISTAN
PAKISTAN ARMY Augusta Westland AW139 Helicopter in PAKISTAN

The Augusta Westland 139 Helicopters are under the use of PAKISTAN ARMY, PAKISTAN AIR FORCE and PAKISTAN NAVY. PAKISTAN had bought undisclosed numbers of AW139 Helicopters from Italy.

PAF AW139 Helicopter
PAF CHIEF (retd) Sohail Aman and Senior PAF Officers with the newly acquired Augusta Westland AW139 Helicopter

In a recent development, PAKISTAN ARMY is now purchasing the state of the art M109L self-propelled Howitzers from Italy. According to the reliable sources, the deal has now been completed.

Italy's M109 Self Propelled Howitzer For PAKISTAN ARMY
Italy’s M109 Self Propelled Howitzer For PAKISTAN ARMY

PAKISTAN ARMY has also bought 245 numbers of Italian 50mm SP Mike 10 Guns from Italy and out of the 245 Guns, the Italian Government has already completed the delivery of 120 Guns to PAKISTAN ARMY and another 125 Guns are also expected to deliver soon.

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The Defense cooperation between the two countries could further be increased in the coming years as the Chief Executive Officer of MBDA Italy Pasquale Di Bartolomeo and President of the Italian Companies for Aerospace. Defense and Security (AIAD) Guido Crosetto also meet with PAKISTANs NAVAL CHIEF Admiral Zaffar Mahmood Abbasi on October 17th.

According to the Italy’s Order Book, PAKISTAN ARMY has purchased several automatic weapons, bombs. Torpedoes, ammunition, land vehicles, rockets, Helicopters, Aircraft, 12.7 mm caliber weapons, simulation and training equipment and other sensitive equipment from Italy in just one year of 2018.

According to the reliable sources, PAKISTAN is interested to purchase lethal missiles and torpedoes for its fleet of Submarines and Ships and the recent visit of high Profile Italian Defense Dignitaries has something to do with it.

Although, PAKISTAN ARMY did not disclose the complete list of the Armaments it purchased from Italy, but Italy’s Order Book revealed that PAKISTAN ARMY has already purchased several sensitive and lethal weapons from Italy.

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Leonardo Upgraded Black Shark Torpedoes
Leonardo Upgraded Black Shark Torpedoes

According to the reports from the reliable sources, PAKISTAN is reportedly interested in Italy’s M-346 Lead-in Fighter Trainer. One of the best features of the M-346 Fighter Trainer Aircrafts is that it is an advanced Jet Trainer and it can easily be used as a Light Fighter Aircraft, if needed.

Italy's M-346 Lead-in Fighter Trainer
Italy’s M-346 Lead-in Fighter Trainer

According to report published by the Ministry of Defense Production (MoDP), PAKISTAN had ordered 10 Low Level and State of the Art Radar System from Italy for $130 Million. These 10 Low Level State of the Art Radars could be used as the Gap-filler radars for supplementing PAKISTAN AIR FORCE’s Siemens Mobile Plus Doppler Radar (MPDR).

The Defense Relations between both the countries are expected to increase in the coming years as the Italian Defense Giant has now opened its exclusive office in ISLAMABAD and the company is planning to expand its offices up to 22 different cities of PAKISTAN in the next few years.

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